A Book of Ayres (Philip Rosseter)

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General information

Title: A Booke of Ayres

Full Title: A Booke of Ayres, set foorth to be song to the lute, orpherian, and base violl, by Philip Rosseter lutenist

Composers: Thomas Campion and Philip Rosseter

Publication date and place: 1601 in London by Peter Short by the assent of Thomas Morley.

Genre, Subgenre: Secular, Lute songs. Language: English, 1 voices.

Description: A collection of lute songs shared equally by Thomas Campion and Philip Rosseter, who contribute twenty-one songs each.

List of works

Songs by Thomas Campion

1. My sweetest Lesbia
2. Though you are young
3. I care not for these ladies
4. Follow the faire sunne
5. My love hath vowed he will forsake me
6. When to her lute
7. Turne backe you wanton flier
8. It fell on a sommers daie
9. The Sypres curten
10. Follow your Saint
11. Fair, if you expect admiring
12. Thou art not faire
13. See where she flies
14. Blame not my cheekes
15. When the god of merry love
16. Mistris since you so much desire
17. Your faire lookes enflame
18. The man of life upright
19. Harke all you Ladies
20. When thou must home
21. Come let us sound with melodie

Songs by Philip Rosseter

22. Sweete come againe
23. And would you see
24. No grave for woe
25. If I urge my kind desires
26. What hearts content
27. Let him that will be free
28. Reprove not love
29. And would you faine
30. When Laura smiles
31. Long have mine eies
32. Though far from joy
33. Shall I come if I swim
34. Aie me that love
35. Shall then a trayterous
36. If I hope I pine
37. Unless there were consent
38. If she forsakes me
39. What is a daie
40. Kind in unkindnesse
41. What then is love but
42. Whether me doe laugh

Works at CPDL

Title Composer Year No. Subgenre Vo. Voices
Fair, if you expect admiring Thomas Campion 1601 11 Madrigals 1 S
I care not for these ladies Thomas Campion 1601 3 Lute songs 1 Solo medium
If I urge my kind desires Philip Rosseter 1601 25 Lute songs 6 TTTBBB
If she forsake me Philip Rosseter 1601 38 Lute songs 5 TTBBB
My love hath vowed he will forsake me Thomas Campion 1601 5 Madrigals 2 SA
My sweetest Lesbia Thomas Campion 1601 1 Lute songs 1 solo medium
When Laura smiles Philip Rosseter 1601 30 Lute songs 6 TTTBBB
When the god of merry love Thomas Campion 1601 15 Madrigals 1 A


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