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MP3 of Lasso's Hodie completi sunt

Hi Adam. This is a somewhat delayed response, but I've just stumbled upon your edition of Lasso's Hodie completi sunt and noticed that you've uploaded a non-synthesised MP3 to the CPDL servers. Unfortunately, us admins came to a decision some time ago that we would not allow non-synthesised recordings to be hosted on CPDL because of the potential copyright problems that may arise. Because of this, I'm afraid I've had to delete the file you uploaded. If you're able to upload the file somewhere else and link to that external location from CPDL, we would be happy to let that link stand. I hope you understand our reasons for having to take this strict approach. If you wish to challenge or just discuss the current rule on recordings, please feel free to raise the issue on the forums where such a query would reach a larger audience. Finally, I have sent a copy of this message to you by email as per your request on your user page. Kind regards --Bobnotts talk 11:06, 24 July 2010 (UTC)