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Special Pages

Confirm new user requests:

Recent Renaissance Latin a cappella editions posted by voicing

{{Recent postings|Renaissance music|*SATB{{!}}*SSAATTBB|Latin|a cappella}}

DPL code for "and not"

<DPL> category=Sheet music category=Unison notcategory=A cappella noresultsheader=There are no results. </DPL>


SortWorks help page and DPL code for composers not using SortWorks

Posted by James Gibb on Soriano talk page: However, once one started adding subcategories like Masses, there wasn't a way to list items that were Sacred but not a Mass automatically. The &&! addition gets over this, which is why I've taken to adding a catchall category at the end. In the Soriano case, this looks like <>{{#SortWorks:&&!Motets&&!Evening Canticles&&!Votive antiphons&&!Office hymns}}<> There is (apparently) no limit to the length of the exclusion list so, if a new category list is added, all that needs to be done is to add that category to the exclusion list. If one forgets, the works in the new category will also be listed under the other works heading, so that's a useful reminder.

<dpl> namespace= category=Composers notcategory=Pages using SortWorks resultsheader=%TOTALPAGES% composer pages found </dpl>

other DPL code

Carlos DPL page

<dpl> namespace= uses=Template:TextUnavailable ordermethod=lastedit </dpl>

SortWorks vs. DPL code suggested for populating works into composer pages automatically

Concise template to point to PDF and other locally-hosted versions

{{LLinkW|lass-mus.pdf|lass-mus.mid|lass-mus.mus|Finale 2004}} E.g. was: *[[Adoramus te (Quirino Gasparini)|''Adoramus te'']]   ( [{{SERVER}}/wiki/images/sheet/gasp-ado.pdf {{pdf}}] [{{SERVER}}/wiki/images/source/ Finale 1998] ) {{editions|5}} Replaced with: *[[Adoramus te (Quirino Gasparini)|''Adoramus te'']]   {{LLinkW|gasp-ado.pdf|||Finale 1998}} {{editions|5}}

subst user and composer page

{{subst:user page}} or {{subst:composer page}}

Use {{NoComp|title|composer}} for listings of pieces

Use {{AffiliateLink2}} for unhosted composers who are out of copyright Also, {{NoWorks}} under the legend to indicate that there are no works hosted on CPDL--check that this was applied properly to unhosted composers? Also: {{IncompleteEdition}} or {{UnfinishedWork}}

redirect doesn't have to be in a separate page

{{redirect|name|full name}}

NoCo and NoComp templates

other formatting cribnotes

request template format


{{IncompleteEdition}} tag or is {{UnfinishedWork}}

counting an editor's editions

Chuck wrote on Edward Tambling's talk page: While at present we have no way to keep track of the actual number of editions contributed by an editor, there is, for each CPDL editor an automatically generated list of score pages with an editor's contritutions. Yours is at Edward Tambling editions, and you might wish to replace the {{Whatlinkshere}} link on your user page with something like {{CiteCat|Edward Tambling editions|Works with editions contributed by this editor}} or simply {{CiteCat|Edward Tambling editions}}.

seeing all files uploaded by a particular user or new users

see new accounts created

Categories incl voicing

go direct to a page by CPDL#

Sorting category entries


LnkTxt vs. LinkText

Vaarky, just a note: LnkTxt was merged with LinkText; now only the latter should be used, ok? Best, —Carlos (talk) 03:34, 23 April 2013 (UTC)

Text replacement tool for sysadmins

[[Special:ReplaceText]] input a URL as source or target string, just substitute in it http:// for http;//. The confirmation message will display the address as you typed it, but the URL will be saved correctly in the database.

Links to MediaWiki man pages, DPL etc.


Testing tables for translation

Why doesn't the composer's given name show?

Summary: du Caurroy does not appear under D in composers section because lowercase d is sorted after capital Z. Includes how to fix.

Latin psalms reference


addfad, D0F0C0, ACE1AF, also

Outdated: CPDL Projects I'm Interested in Working On

But please feel free to race me to any of these:

  • Transferring Requested_articles into Category:Requests_by_composer
  • Gathering translations
    • I've asked a retired classics professor I know if he can provide some Latin-to-English translations for pieces missing that information as listed at Category:English_translation_requests (see also Category:Text requests for Latin pieces that could stand to have their Latin text and then a Translation request added)
  • Category:Unknown_nationality
  • Suggestion from Bobnotts (paraphrased for my to-do list from his talk page: help update score pages with templates.
    • familiarise myself with all the templates listed here and here
    • Review recent edits which incorporate the new templates. These are the sort of "template update" edits that would be most useful, so that scores are categorised as a cappella, or as having piano accompaniment, or in English, or by William Byrd, for example.
      • [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7]
        ***Or fix pages that don't use Network.png when pointing externally but not directly to a file. These pages is a good set to start checking.
    • Where possible, convert these to instructions that can be posted to the volunteers page.
  • Anther place I've been finding clean-up tasks: Category:Pages_awaiting_cleanup
  • I haven't yet learned to create new pages for scores and composers and uploading new editions, but am reading through the documentation--several people said they're meaning to add scores, so maybe I can do this for them.
  • Rafael Ornes meant to do the following. See if I can figure it out:
    • overhaul the Requests page (merely figure out something to propose first to ensure there is agreement)
    • fix broken categories, most in Category:Unknown
      • I am unqualified--see if I can get one of the musicologists I know to volunteer
  • ChoralWiki:Privacy_policy is blank

how to do a boolean AND regarding categories using MultiCatList

anniversaries by year