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General information

Country of origin: Texas, US

Contributor since: 2012-12-22

Works with editions by this editor: 1612 (see list)

Translations by this editor:

Contact information

e-mail: aurvondel At sign.png

Allen Garvin
Hawthorne Early Music
3933 Hawthorne Ave
Dallas, TX 75219


I studied math, physics and history as an undergrad, and math in graduate school, but I never completed a graduate degree.


I'm a mobile networking engineer, specializing in Linux, databases, and application tuning, who loves early music. I only sing on occasion, with my primary musical outlet being the viol. And part of my aim in typesetting music is to provide repertoire for viol players, especially the very rich 16th century vocal repertoire which is rarely available in part form that's friendly for instrumentalists. All the scores I have uploaded here are available in part form on IMSLP or [Note: as of 28 Mar 2023, IMSLP has forbidden uploads with a non-commercial license. I will never upload another piece there until they allow non-commercial licensing again]

I only set music from original notation, and typically maintain the original note values and pitches, but if anyone needs a transposition, just email me. At some point I may write scripts to allow people to transpose arbitrarily, which will be at If I can find the time and inspiration.

I also take requests on occasion, provided I have a source. Here's a list of facsimiles I have, in digital form (I also own lots of physical ones):

Let me know if you'd like a copy of any of the above (excepting a few that I paid for with particular distribution terms). I like to get these out, and sometimes give away portal HDs containing them. Current size is 500G total.

2020 note: I've spent the past ten months doing a deep dive into learning Italian, and have started translating pieces I've set in the past. Let me know if I made any mistakes! (Note from early 2023: feeling much more confident with translations, and trying to provide more for my pieces. Note from late 2023: Working to write translations of everything I've done, but it may take a couple years!).