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Born: 1592

Died: 1633

Biography Thomas Ravenscroft was an English musician, theorist and editor, notable as a composer of rounds and catches, and especially for compiling collections of British folk music. Ravenscroft's principal contributions are his collections of folk music, including catches, rounds, street cries, vendor songs, "freeman's songs" and other anonymous music, in three collections: Pammelia (1609), Deuteromelia or The Seconde Part of Musicks Melodie (1609) and Melismata (1611), which contains one of the best-known works in his collections, The Three Ravens. Some of the music he compiled has acquired extraordinary fame, though his name is rarely associated with the music; for example Three Blind Mice first appears in Deuteromelia. He also published a metrical psalter (The Whole Booke of Psalmes ) in 1621.

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List of choral works

1. Secular songs

2. Sacred songs

2a. From Pammelia, 1609

2b. From Melismata, 1611

2c. From The Whole Booke of Psalmes, 1621

Editions of whole collections

Other works not listed above (See Template:CheckMissing for possible reasons and solutions)

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  • Pammelia. Musicks Miscellanie. (1609)
  • Deuteromelia: Or The Second part of Musicks melodie. (1609)
  • Melismata. Musicall Phansies. Fitting the Court, Citie, and Countrey Humours. To 3, 4, and 5. Voyces. (1611)
  • A briefe discourse Of the true (but neglected) use of Charact'ring the Degrees by their Perfection […] (1614)
  • The Whole Booke of Psalmes: With The Humnes Evangelicall, and Songs Spiritual. […] (1621)

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