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The text to be displayed goes here;
however, you must use <br> (or start a new line)
to separate each line of text.
The text may also be
centered inside the box
by enclosing it in <center> ... </center>

Centered box, with minimal surrounding background and frame, for displaying material, optional parameters:

|marginT=<margin-top, default=5px>
|marginB=<margin-bottom, default=5px>
|bdwidth=<borderwidth in pixels, default=1> 
|bdcolor=<bordercolor, default=#3399ff>
|padding=<padding, default=.1em .1em .1em .1em (top, right, bottom, left)>
|bgcolor=<backgroundcolor, default=#dddddd; other options include:
   g   =#ddffdd (green)
   r   =#ffdddd (red)
   y   =#ffffbb (yellow)
   b   =#ddddff (blue)
   m   =#ddccff (magenta)
   o   =#ffeebb (orange)
   none=#ffffff (white)
|text=<text to display, defaults to parameter 1 when no optional parameters are used