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Stefan Surzyński}}


Born: 31 August 1855 in Srem (Poland)

Died: 06 April 1919 in Lvov (Ukraine)


He was a Polish organist, composer, conductor of Choir and music teacher. His brothers Joseph and Mieczyslaw were composers. Started music studies at his father Franciszek, who also was an organist and music teacher. From 1878 - 1880 worked as organist in Buk (Poland). Transferred to Poznan, where became the conductor of Choir of Singer Congregation "Stella". Helped to his brother Joseph, who was an organist of cathedral. With him studied the Church Music in Regensburg in 1881. From 1887 - 1888 worked in Brzezany (Poland). In 1888 transferred to Tarnow, where worked as organist and conductor of Choir of cathedral and music teacher of Organist School. From 1913 worked as organist and conductor of Choir of cathedral in Lvov, where he died in 6 April 1919. He was married with Anna and had 5 children. Composed many Organ compositions and edited several Church Song books.

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