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Born: c.1530

Died: 25 January 1571/2


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Robert Parsons was perhaps born c.1530. That he was of no great age when he died in 1572 is implied by a comment made by Robert Dow in his partbooks which, in translation, reads "Parsons, who were so great in your first flowering, How great should you have been in your autumn, had you not died!" The earliest reference to him occurs in the later part of 1560 when he collected payments from the Exchequer on behalf of Richard Bower, the Master of the Children of the Chapel Royal. It is thought that he may have been an assistant schoolmaster to Bower. In 1563 Parsons was admitted into the choir of the Chapel Royal. He died on 25 January 1572 (new style) when he drowned at Newark, an area historically prone to flooding by the River Trent. His place in the Chapel Royal was filled by William Byrd. Parsons needs to be distinguished firstly from the Jesuit priest Robert Persons (1546-1610) and secondly from the apparently unrelated younger composer Robert Parsons II (1596-1676) who was a lay vicar at Exeter Cathedral.

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The evening canticles to the Second Service were composed by William Mundy in tribute to Parsons.

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