Resonet in laudibus

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General information

A Carol appearing c. 1360 and widely popular in Europe (particularly Germany) in the 16th and 17th centuries. The text is entirely in Latin, and is closely related to the similar Magnum nomen Domini . See also the closely related Joseph, lieber Joseph mein, a German (Lutheran) macaronic version, using the parent's tune, and text in differing extracts.

Settings by composers

Text and translations

Latin.png Latin text

1. Resonet in laudibus
cum jucundis plausibus
Sion cum fidelibus:
apparuit quem genuit Maria.

2. Christus natus hodie
ex Maria Virgine
sine viri semine:
apparuit …

3. Pueri concinite,
nato regi[Jesu] psallite,
voce pia dicite:
apparuit …

4. Sion lauda Dominum,
salvatorem hominum,
purgatorem[lavatorum] criminum:

Sunt impleta quae praedixit Gabriel.
Eya, eya, Virgo Deum genuit
quod divina voluit clementia.

Hodie apparuit in Israel:
Ex Maria Virgine est natus Rex.

Magnum nomen Domini Emmanuel
quod annuntiatum est per Gabriel.

English.png English translation

1. Let praises resound
with joyous acclaim:
To Sion’s faithful
the child born of Mary has appeared.

2. Christ, born today
of the Virgin Mary
without the seed of man:
the child born…

3. Let us sing together to the Child,
Let us sing to the newborn king [Jesus],
And with pious tones, say:
the child born…

4. O Sion, praise the Lord,
The Saviour of mankind,
He who cleanses sin:
The child born…

What Gabriel foretold has been fulfilled.
Eia, A Virgin bore God,
As the divine mercy willed.

Today He has appeared in Israel:
From the Virgin Mary is born a King.

Great is the name of the Lord Immanuel,
As was announced by Gabriel.
Translation by James Gibb

German.png German translation

Erklinge in Lobgesängen
mit freudigen Klängen,
Sion mit den Gläubigen;
erschienen ist, den Maria gebar.

Erfüllt ist, was verkündet Gabriel.
Eia! Eia! Die Jungfrau gebar Gott,
wie es die göttliche Güte wollte.

Heute erschien uns der König in Israel,
aus der Jungfrau Maria ist uns der König geboren.

Groß ist der Name des Herrn: Immanuel,
der durch Gabriel verkündet wurde.

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