Psalmi Davidici (Andrea Gabrieli)

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General information

Title: ANDREE GABRIELIS / ORGANISTAE SERENISS. / REIPUB. VENETIARUM / Psalmi Dauidici, qui Poenitentiales nuncupantur, tum / omnis generis Instrumentorum, tum ad uocis / modulationem accomodati. / SEX VOCVM. / Venetijs Apud Angelum Gardanum. / M D LXXXIII.

Publication date and place: 1583 in Venice by Angelo Gardano.

Genre, Subgenre: Sacred, Motets. Language: Latin.

Description: This collection contains the seven so-called Penitential Psalms, each for 6 voices, without Doxology.

Works published in Psalmi Davidici

The psalm numbers given below refer to the numbering of the Latin Bible (Vulgate).
# Psalm Title Genre Subgenre Language Voices
1 6 Domine ne in furore tuo ... miserere Sacred Motet Latin SMsATBarB
2 31 Beati quorum remissae sunt Sacred Motet Latin SSATTB
3 37 Domine ne in furore tuo … quoniam Sacred Motet Latin SAATTB
4 50 Miserere mei Deus Sacred Motet Latin SAATBarB
5 101 Domine exaudi orationem meam, et clamor Sacred Motet Latin SSATBB
6 129 De profundis Sacred Motet Latin SAATBarB
7 142 Domine exaudi orationem meam, auribus Sacred Motet Latin SSATTB