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See also Os justi meditabitur, for settings of vv. 30-31 as the introit for the Common of a Confessor not a Bishop.

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Text and translations

Clementine Vulgate (Psalm 36)

Latin.png Latin text

1  Psalmus ipsi David. Noli aemulari in malignantibus, neque zelaveris facientes iniquitatem:
2  quoniam tamquam foenum velociter arescent, et quemadmodum olera herbarum cito decident.
3  Spera in Domino, et fac bonitatem; et inhabita terram, et pasceris in divitiis ejus.
4  Delectare in Domino, et dabit tibi petitiones cordis tui.
5  Revela Domino viam tuam, et spera in eo, et ipse faciet.
6  Et educet quasi lumen justitiam tuam, et judicium tuum tamquam meridiem.
7  Subditus esto Domino, et ora eum. Noli aemulari in eo
qui prosperatur in via sua; in homine faciente injustitias.
8  Desine ab ira, et derelinque furorem; noli aemulari ut maligneris.
9  Quoniam qui malignantur exterminabuntur; sustinentes autem Dominum, ipsi haereditabunt terram.
10  Et adhuc pusillum, et non erit peccator; et quaeres locum ejus,
et non invenies.
11  Mansueti autem haereditabunt terram, et delectabuntur in multitudine pacis.
12  Observabit peccator justum, et stridebit super eum dentibus suis.
13  Dominus autem irridebit eum, quoniam prospicit quod veniet dies ejus.
14  Gladium evaginaverunt peccatores; intenderunt arcum suum: ut dejiciant pauperem et inopem,
ut trucident rectos corde.
15  Gladius eorum intret in corda ipsorum, et arcus eorum confringatur.
16  Melius est modicum justo, super divitias peccatorum multas:
17  quoniam brachia peccatorum conterentur: confirmat autem justos Dominus.
18  Novit Dominus dies immaculatorum, et haereditas eorum in aeternum erit.
19  Non confundentur in tempore malo, et in diebus famis saturabuntur:
20  quia peccatores peribunt. Inimici vero Domini mox ut honorificati fuerint et exaltati, deficientes quemadmodum fumus deficient.
21  Mutuabitur peccator, et non solvet; justus autem miseretur et tribuet:
22  quia benedicentes ei haereditabunt terram; maledicentes autem ei
23  Apud Dominum gressus hominis dirigentur, et viam ejus volet.
24  Cum ceciderit, non collidetur, quia Dominus supponit manum suam.
25  Junior fui, etenim senui; et non vidi justum derelictum, nec semen ejus
quaerens panem.
26  Tota die miseretur et commodat; et semen illius in benedictione erit.
27  Declina a malo, et fac bonum, et inhabita in saeculum saeculi:
28  quia Dominus amat judicium, et non derelinquet sanctos suos:
in aeternum conservabuntur.
  Injusti punientur, et semen impiorum peribit.
29  Justi autem haereditabunt terram, et inhabitabunt in saeculum saeculi super eam.
30  Os justi meditabitur sapientiam, et lingua ejus loquetur judicium.
31  Lex Dei ejus in corde ipsius, et non supplantabuntur gressus ejus.
32  Considerat peccator justum, et quaerit mortificare eum.
33  Dominus autem non derelinquet eum in manibus ejus, nec damnabit eum cum judicabitur illi.
34  Exspecta Dominum, et custodi viam ejus, et exaltabit te
ut haereditate capias terram: cum perierint peccatores, videbis.
35  Vidi impium superexaltatum, et elevatum sicut cedros Libani:
36  et transivi, et ecce non erat; et quaesivi eum, et non est inventus locus ejus.
37  Custodi innocentiam, et vide aequitatem,
quoniam sunt reliquiae homini pacifico.
38  Injusti autem disperibunt simul;
reliquiae impiorum interibunt.
39  Salus autem justorum a Domino; et protector eorum in tempore tribulationis.
40  Et adjuvabit eos Dominus, et liberabit eos; et eruet eos a peccatoribus,
et salvabit eos, quia speraverunt in eo.

Church of England 1662 Book of Common Prayer

English.png English text

1  Fret not thyself because of the ungodly: neither be thou envious against the evil-doers.
2  For they shall soon be cut down like the grass: and be withered even as the green herb.
3  Put thou thy trust in the Lord, and be doing good: dwell in the land, and verily thou shalt be fed.
4  Delight thou in the Lord: and he shall give thee thy heart's desire.
5  Commit thy way unto the Lord, and put thy trust in him: and he shall bring it to pass.
6  He shall make thy righteousness as clear as the light: and thy just dealing as the noon-day.
7  Hold thee still in the Lord, and abide patiently upon him: but grieve not thyself at him
whose way doth prosper, against the man that doeth after evil counsels.
8  Leave off from wrath, and let go displeasure: fret not thyself, else shalt thou be moved to do evil.
9  Wicked doers shall be rooted out: and they that patiently abide the Lord, those shall inherit the land.
10  Yet a little while, and the ungodly shall be clean gone: thou shalt look after his place,
and he shall be away.
11  But the meek-spirited shall possess the earth: and shall be refreshed in the multitude of peace.
12  The ungodly seeketh counsel against the just: and gnasheth upon him with his teeth.
13  The Lord shall laugh him to scorn: for he hath seen that his day is coming.
14  The ungodly have drawn out the sword, and have bent their bow: to cast down the poor and needy, and to slay such as are of a right conversation.
15  Their sword shall go through their own heart: and their bow shall be broken.
16  A small thing that the righteous hath: is better than great riches of the ungodly.
17  For the arms of the ungodly shall be broken: and the Lord upholdeth the righteous.
18  The Lord knoweth the days of the godly: and their inheritance shall endure for ever.
19  They shall not be confounded in the perilous time: and in the days of dearth they shall have enough.
20  As for the ungodly, they shall perish; and the enemies of the Lord shall consume as the fat of lambs: yea, even as the smoke shall they consume away.
21  The ungodly borroweth, and payeth not again: but the righteous is merciful and liberal.
22  Such as are blessed of God shall possess the land: and they that are cursed of him
shall be rooted out.
23  The Lord ordereth a good man's going: and maketh his way acceptable to himself.
24  Though he fall, he shall not be cast away: for the Lord upholdeth him with his hand.
25  I have been young, and now am old: and yet saw I never the righteous forsaken, nor his seed
begging their bread.
26  The righteous is ever merciful, and lendeth: and his seed is blessed.
27  Flee from evil, and do the thing that is good: and dwell for evermore.
28  For the Lord loveth the thing that is right: he forsaketh not his that be godly,
but they are preserved for ever.
29  The unrighteous shall be punished: as for the seed of the ungodly, it shall be rooted out.
30  The righteous shall inherit the land: and dwell therein for ever.
31  The mouth of the righteous is exercised in wisdom: and his tongue will be talking of judgement.
32  The law of his God is in his heart: and his goings shall not slide.
33  The ungodly seeth the righteous: and seeketh occasion to slay him.
34  The Lord will not leave him in his hand: nor condemn him when he is judged.
35  Hope thou in the Lord, and keep his way, and he shall promote thee,
that thou shalt possess the land: when the ungodly shall perish, thou shalt see it.
36  I myself have seen the ungodly in great power: and flourishing like a green bay-tree.
37  I went by, and lo, he was gone: I sought him, but his place could no where be found.
38  Keep innocency, and take heed unto the thing that is right:
for that shall bring a man peace at the last.
39  As for the transgressors, they shall perish together:
and the end of the ungodly is, they shall be rooted out at the last.
40  But the salvation of the righteous cometh of the Lord: who is also their strength in the time of trouble.
41  And the Lord shall stand by them, and save them: he shall deliver them from the ungodly,
and shall save them, because they put their trust in him.

Metrical 'Old Version' (William Whittingham)

English.png English text

Grudge not to see the wicked men
In wealth to flourish still;
Or envy such as ill to do
Have bent and set their will.

For as the grass and the green herbs
Do wither and decay,
So shall their great prosperity
Soon fade and pass away.

Trust thou therefore in God alone,
To do well give thy mind,
So shalt thou have the land as thine,
And there sure food shalt find.

In God set all thy heart's delight,
And look what thou would'st have,
Or else canst wish in all the world,
Thou need'st it not to crave.

Cast both thyself and thy affairs
On God with perfect trust;
And then thou shalt with patience see
Th'effect both sure and just.

Thy perfect life and godly name
He will clear as the light,
So that the sun, e'en at noon-day,
Shall not shine half so bright.

Be still therefore, and steadfastly
On God see thou wait then,
Not shrinking for the prosp'rous state
Of vile and wicked men.

Shake off despite, envy, and hate,
Let not thy anger rise,
That thou may'st not be drawn into
Some sinful enterprise.

For ev'ry wicked man will God
Most certainly destroy;
But such as trust in him are sure
The land for to enjoy.

Wait but awhile, and thou shalt see
No more the wicked train;
No, not so much as house or place
Where once he did remain.


The Second Part
But merciful and humble men
Enjoy shall sea and land;
In rest and peace they shall rejoice,
For nought shall them withstand.

The wicked and malicious do
Against the just conspire;
They gnash their teeth at him, as men
Who do his bane desire.

But while ungodly men thus think,
The lord laughs them to scorn;
For he doth see the time approach,
When they shall sigh and mourn.

The wicked have their sword withdrawn,
Their bow is also bent,
To overthrow and kill the poor,
Whose life is innocent.

But the same sword shall pierce their heart,
Which was to kill the just;
So shall the bow in shivers break,
Wherein they put their trust.

Doubtless, the just man's poor estate
Is to be valued more
Than all the vile and wicked man's
Rich pomp and heaped store.

For though their power be most strong,
God will it overthrow:
Where contrary he doth preserve
The humble man and low.

He sees by his great providence
The godly's upright way,
And will give them inheritance
Which never shall decay.

Discouraged they shall not be,
When some are hard bestead;
When others shall be hunger-bit,
They shall be clad and fed.

For whosoever wicked is,
And enemy to God,
Shall like the fat of lambs consume,
Or smoke that flies abroad.


The Third Part
Behold, the wicked borrows much,
And payeth not again:
Whereas the just by lib'ral gifts
The needy doth sustain.

For they whom God doth bless shall have
The land for heritage;
And they whom he doth curse likewise
Shall perish in his rage.

The Lord the just man's steps doth guide,
And all his ways doth bless;
To every thing he takes in hand
He giveth good success.

Though he doth fall, yet he is sure
Not utterly to sink;
For God upholds him with his hand,
And from him will not shrink.

I have been young, but now am old,
And never yet saw I
The just man left, neither his seed
Reduced to beggary.

He gives always most lib'rally,
And lends where there is need;
By which he doth from God secure
A blessing to his seed.

Therefore flee vice and wickedness,
And virtue do embrace;
So God shall grant thee long to have
On earth a dwelling-place.

For God so loveth equity,
And shews to his such grace,
That he preserveth them, but doth
Cut off the wicked race.

Whereas the good and godly men
Inherit shall the land;
Having as lords all things therein
In their own pow'r and hand.

The just man's mouth doth ever speak
Of matters wise and high;
His tongue doth talk of judgement, and
Of truth and equity.

For in his heart the law of God
Doth evermore abide;
So that wherever he doth go,
His foot shall never slide.

The wicked, like a greedy wolf,
The just man doth beset,
By all means seeking him to kill,
And take him in his net.


The Fourth Part
But though he fall into his hands,
God will him succour send;
Though men against him sentence give,
Yet God will him defend.

Wait thou on God, and keep his way,
He shall preserve thee then
The earth to rule, and thou shalt see
Destroy'd these wicked men.

The wicked have I seen most strong,
And plac'd in high degree;
Spreading himself, and flourishing
As doth the laurel-tree.

But suddenly he pass'd away,
And lo, he quite was gone;
Then I him sought, but could not find
The place where dwelt such one.

Mark and behold the upright man,
How God doth him increase;
For the just man shall have at length
Great joy with rest and peace.

As for transgressors, woe to them!
Destroy'd they all shall be;
God will cut off their budding race
And rich posterity.

But the salvation of the just
Doth come from God above,
Who in their trouble sends them aid
Of his mere grace and love.

God evermore delivers them
From vile men and unjust;
And still will save them, whilst that they
In him do put their trust.

Káldi fordítás (36. zsoltár)

Hungarian.png Hungarian translation

Önmaga, Dávid zsoltára.
Ne boszankodjál a gonosztevőkre, ne irígykedjél a hamisságot cselekvőkre.
Mert mint a fű, hamar elszáradnak, és mint a zöld paréj, hamar elhullnak.
Bízzál az Úrban, és cselekedjél jót; lakjál a földön, és annak gazdagságaival tápláltatni fogsz.
Gyönyörködjél az Úrban, és megadja neked szived kivánságait.
Nyilatkoztasd ki az Úrnak útadat, és bízzál benne: és ő megcselekszi.
És világosságra hozza igazságodat, és itéletedet délifényre.
Hódolj az Úrnak, és könyörögj neki. Ne boszankodjál arra, ki szerencsés az ő útjában, a gonoszt cselekvő emberre.
Szűnj meg a haragtól, és hagyd el a búsulást; ne boszankodjál, hogy roszat is cselekedjél.
Mert a kik gonoszt cselekszenek, kiírtatnak; a kik pedig az Urat várják, azok fogják a földet örökleni.
Még egy kissé, és nem lesz a bűnös; keresed helyét, és nem találod.
A szelídek pedig örökleni fogják a földet, és gyönyörködnek a béke sokaságában.
Az igazra vigyáz a bűnös, és fogait csikorgatja rája.
Az Úr pedig kineveti őt, mert látja, hogy eljő napja.
Kardot húznak a bűnösök, megvonják kézívöket, hogy elejtsék a szegényt és szűkölködőt, hogy megöljék az igaz szivűeket.
De fegyverök hasson szivökbe, és kézívök töressék el.
Jobb az igaznak a kevés a bűnösök sok gazdagságánál.
Mert a bűnösök karjai eltöretnek; az igazakat pedig megerősíti az Úr.
Az Úr ismeri az ártatlanok napjait; és örökségök megmarad mindörökké.
Nem szégyenűlnek meg a gonosz időben, és az éhség napján megelégíttetnek;
mert a bűnösök elvesznek; és az Úr ellenségei mihelyt megtiszteltetnek és fölmagasztaltatnak, elfogyván, mint a füst, elfogynak.
Kölcsön vesz a bűnös, és nem fizeti meg; az igaz pedig könyörűl és adakozik.
Mert az őt áldók a földet örökleni fogják; az őt átkozók pedig elvesznek.
Az Úrtól igazgattatnak az ember lépései, és útját kedveli.
Mikor elesik, nem sérűl meg, mert az Úr alája teszi kezét.
Ifjú voltam és megöregedtem: de nem láttam, hogy az igaz elhagyatott, sem hogy az ő ivadéka kenyeret kéregetett volna.
Napestig könyörűl és kölcsön ad; és ivadéka áldásban leszen.
Távozzál a gonosztól, és cselekedjél jót, és megmaradsz örökön örökké.
Mert az Úr szereti az igazat, és nem hagyja el az ő szenteit, mindörökké megtartatnak; az igazságtalanok megbűntettetnek, és az istentelenek ivadéka elvesz.
Az igazak pedig örökleni fogják a földet, és azon laknak mindörökön örökké.
Az igaz szája bölcseséget szól, és nyelve igazat beszél.
Istene törvénye az ő szivében, és lépései nem fognak megtántoríttatni.
A bűnös szemléli az igazat, és halálra keresi őt;
de az Úr nem hagyja őt annak kezeiben, sem nem kárhoztatja őt, mikor amattól megitéltetik.
Várjad az Urat és őrizd meg az ő útját, és fölmagasztal téged, hogy örökségűl vedd a földet; látni fogod, mikor elvesznek a bűnösök.
Láttam az istentelent fölmagasztalva és fölemelkedve, mint a Libanon czedrusait.
És átmenék, és ime nem volt; és kerestem őt, és helye sem találtatott.
Őrizd meg az ártatlanságot, és nézd az igazságot: mert vannak maradékai a békeséges embernek.
Az igazságtalanok pedig mindenestül elvesznek; az istentelenek maradékai semmivé lesznek.
De az igazak segedelme az Úrtól vagyon, s ő azok oltalmazója a szorongatás idején.
És megsegíti őket az Úr és megszabadítja a bűnösöktől, és megtartja őket, mert benne bíztak.

Lutherbibel 2017

German.png German text

1  Von David. Entrüste dich nicht über die Bösen, sei nicht neidisch auf die Übeltäter.
2  Denn wie das Gras werden sie bald verdorren, und wie das grüne Kraut werden sie verwelken.
3  Hoffe auf den HERRN und tue Gutes, bleibe im Lande und nähre dich redlich.
4  Habe deine Lust am HERRN; der wird dir geben, was dein Herz wünscht.
5  Befiehl dem HERRN deine Wege und hoffe auf ihn, er wird’s wohlmachen
6  und wird deine Gerechtigkeit heraufführen wie das Licht und dein Recht wie den Mittag.
7  Sei stille dem HERRN und warte auf ihn. Entrüste dich nicht über den, dem es gut geht, der seinen Mutwillen treibt.
8  Steh ab vom Zorn und lass den Grimm, entrüste dich nicht, dass du nicht Unrecht tust.
9  Denn die Bösen werden ausgerottet; die aber des HERRN harren, werden das Land erben.
10  Noch eine kleine Zeit, so ist der Gottlose nicht mehr da; und wenn du nach seiner Stätte siehst, ist er weg.
11  Aber die Elenden werden das Land erben und ihre Freude haben an großem Frieden.
12  Der Frevler droht dem Gerechten und knirscht mit seinen Zähnen wider ihn.
13  Aber der Herr lacht seiner; denn er sieht, dass sein Tag kommt.
14  Die Frevler ziehen das Schwert und spannen ihren Bogen, dass sie fällen den Elenden und Armen und morden die Frommen.
15  Aber ihr Schwert wird in ihr eigenes Herz dringen, und ihr Bogen wird zerbrechen.
16  Das Wenige, das ein Gerechter hat, ist besser als der Überfluss vieler Frevler.
17  Denn die Arme der Frevler werden zerbrechen, aber der HERR erhält die Gerechten.
18  Der HERR kennt die Tage der Frommen, und ihr Erbe wird ewiglich bleiben.
19  Sie werden nicht zuschanden in böser Zeit, und in den Tagen des Hungers werden sie satt werden.
20  Denn die Frevler werden umkommen; und die Feinde des HERRN, wenn sie auch sind wie prächtige Auen, werden sie doch vergehen, wie der Rauch vergeht.
21  Der Frevler muss borgen und bezahlt nicht, aber der Gerechte ist barmherzig und gibt.
22  Denn die Gesegneten des Herrn erben das Land; aber die er verflucht, werden ausgerottet.
23  Von dem HERRN kommt es, wenn eines Mannes Schritte fest werden, und er hat Gefallen an seinem Wege.
24  Fällt er, so stürzt er doch nicht; denn der HERR hält ihn fest an der Hand.
25  Ich bin jung gewesen und alt geworden und habe noch nie den Gerechten verlassen gesehen und seine Kinder um Brot betteln.
26  Er ist allezeit barmherzig und leiht gerne, und seine Nachkommen werden zum Segen sein.
27  Lass ab vom Bösen und tue Gutes, so bleibst du wohnen immerdar.
28  Denn der HERR hat das Recht lieb und verlässt seine Heiligen nicht. Ewiglich werden sie bewahrt, aber das Geschlecht der Frevler wird ausgerottet.
29  Die Gerechten werden das Land ererben und darin wohnen allezeit.
30  Der Mund des Gerechten spricht Weisheit, und seine Zunge redet das Recht.
31  Das Gesetz seines Gottes ist in seinem Herzen; seine Tritte gleiten nicht.
32  Der Frevler lauert dem Gerechten auf und sucht ihn zu töten.
33  Aber der HERR lässt ihn nicht in seiner Hand und verdammt ihn nicht, wenn er verurteilt wird.
34  Harre auf den HERRN und halte dich auf seinem Weg, / so wird er dich erhöhen, dass du das Land erbest; du wirst es sehen, dass die Frevler ausgerottet werden.
35  Ich sah einen Frevler, der pochte auf Gewalt und machte sich breit und grünte wie eine Zeder.
36  Da man vorüberging, siehe, da war er dahin. Ich fragte nach ihm; doch ward er nirgends gefunden.
37  Bleibe fromm und halte dich recht; denn einem solchen wird es zuletzt wohlgehen.
38  Die Übertreter aber werden allesamt vertilgt, und die Frevler werden zuletzt ausgerottet.
39  Aber der HERR hilft den Gerechten, er ist ihre Stärke in der Not.
40  Und der HERR wird ihnen beistehen und sie erretten; er wird sie von den Frevlern erretten und ihnen helfen; denn sie trauen auf ihn.

Metrical Paraphrase (Isaac Watts, 1719)

English.png English text

Why should I vex my soul, and fret
To see the wicked rise?
Or envy sinners waxing great
By violence and lies?

As flowery grass, cut down at noon,
Before the evening fades,
So shall their glories vanish soon
In everlasting shades.

Then let me make the Lord my trust,
And practice all that's good;
So shall I dwell among the just,
And he'll provide me food.

I to my God my ways commit,
And cheerful wait his will;
Thy hand, which guides my doubtful feet,
Shall my desires fulfill.

Mine innocence shalt thou display,
And make thy judgments known,
Fair as the light of dawning day,
And glorious as the noon.

The meek at last the earth possess,
And are the heirs of heaven;
True riches, with abundant peace,
To humble souls are given.

Rest in the Lord, and keep his way,
Nor let your anger rise,
Though providence should long delay
To punish haughty vice.

Let sinners join to break your peace,
And plot, and rage, and foam;
The Lord derides them, for he sees
Their day of vengeance come.

They have drawn out the threatening sword,
Have bent the murderous bow,
To slay the men that fear the Lord,
And bring the righteous low.

My God shall break their bows, and burn
Their persecuting darts,
Shall their own swords against them turn,
And pain surprise their hearts.


Why do the wealthy wicked boast,
And grow profanely bold?
The meanest portion of the just
Excels the sinner's gold.

The wicked borrows of his friends,
But ne'er designs to pay;
The saint is merciful and lends,
Nor turns the poor away.

His alms with liberal heart he gives
Amongst the sons of need;
His memory to long ages lives,
And blessed is his seed.

His lips abhor to talk profane,
To slander or defraud;
His ready tongue declares to men
What he has learned of God.

The law and gospel of the Lord
Deep in his heart abide;
Led by the Spirit and the word,
His feet shall never slide.

When sinners fall, the righteous stand,
Preserved from every snare;
They shall possess the promised land,
And dwell for ever there.


My God, the steps of pious men
Are ordered by thy will;
Though they should fall, they rise again,
Thy hand supports them still.

The Lord delights to see their ways,
Their virtue he approves;
He'll ne'er deprive them of his grace,
Nor leave the men he loves.

The heavenly heritage is theirs,
Their portion and their home;
He feeds them now, and makes them heirs
Of blessings long to come.

Wait on the Lord, ye sons of men,
Nor fear when tyrants frown;
Ye shall confess their pride was vain,
When justice casts them down.

The haughty sinner have I seen,
Nor fearing man nor God,
Like a tall bay-tree, fair and green,
Spreading his arms abroad.

And lo! he vanished from the ground,
Destroyed by hands unseen;
Nor root, nor branch, nor leaf was found
Where all that pride had been.

But mark the man of righteousness,
His several steps attend;
True pleasure runs through all his ways,
And peaceful is his end.