Pierre de la Rue

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Aliases: Petrus de La Rue; Pirson de Larue


Born: ca. 1452

Died: 20 November 1518


French Renaissance composer. La Rue's life before the beginning of his employment by the Hapsburg court in 1492 is a mystery; c. 1452 as a plausible birthdate seems to be based on his parents' marriage.

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List of choral works

New Grove list 33 masses, 6 Credos and a Kyrie, 7 Magnificats, 24 motets (not including contrafacta), and 24 chansons. Another 25 works have conjectural attributions, and there is a longer list of dubious and misattributed works.

Works in Latin

Works in French

Works in other languages

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  • Misse Petri de la Rue, 4vv (Venice, 1503)

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