Orlando Gibbons

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Orlando Gibbons


Born: 1583

Died: 5 June 1625


The entry in Cathedral Music, Volume 1 (William Boyce) reads:

Orlando Gibbons was Organist of King's-College Chapel, Cambridge; was appointed Organist of the Royal Chapels to King James the First, in 1604; and commenced Batchelor in Music at the above-mentioned University, in 1606. He was very skilful in his Profession, and approv'd himself not inferior to any of his Predecessors, in Genius or Knowledge.

He died at Canterbury, and was there buried.

On his Monument is the following Inscription:

To Orlando Gibbons of Cambridge, Born among the Muses and Musick; Organist of the Royal Chapel, emulating, by the Touch of his Fingers, the Harmony of the Spheres; Composer of many Hymns, which sound his Praise no less than that of his Maker; A man of integrity, whose manner of Life, and sweetness of Temper, vy'd with that of his Art; being sent for to Dover to attend the Nuptials of King Charles and Mary, he died of the Small-Pox, and was convey'd to the heavenly Choir on Whit-Sunday, Anno 1625. Elizabeth his wife, who bare him seven Children, little able to survive such a loss, to her most deserving Husband hath with Tears erected this Monument.

His Brother, Edward Gibbons, Organist of the Cathedral Church at Bristol, greatly distinguish'd himself by his Loyalty, in assisting King Charles the First with One Thousand Pounds in the Time of the Civil War; for which Service he was afterwards very severely treated by the victorious Party, who deprived him of a considerable Temporal Estate. He was more than Fourscore Years old when this Misfortune happen'd to him. Christopher Gibbons, the Son of Orlando, was Organist of the Royal Chapels, and one of the Band of Musicians to King Charles the Second. He also obtain'd the Degree of Doctor in Music at Oxford, 1664, by vertue of his Majesty's Letters. He was likewise Organist, and Master of the Choristers to the Collegiate Church of St. Peter, Westminster.

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Gibbons contributed 17 tunes with a bass to G. Wither's The Hymnes and Songs of the Church (London, 1623)

Song Metre Hymn
1 10 10
10 10
10 10
And now, O Father, mindful of the love

Eternal ruler of the ceaseless round
O thou, who at thy Eucharist didst pray

3 CMD Nunc dimittis
4 10x6 Lord, with what zeal
5 LM Thy beauty, Israel, is gone
9 88 88 88 When Christ was risen from the dead
13 Jesu benignissime

Jesu, grant me this I pray
Oh thou Lord, thou God of might

14 Arise thou North-winde
18 Who's this, that leaning on her friend
20 Lord, I will sing to Thee
22 Love of the Father, love of God the Son

O Lord of Hosts, and God of Israel

24 From Virgin's womb
31 Ye that do your Master's will
34 Forth in thy name, O Lord, I go

Thus Angels sung (Es sangen Gottes Engel)

41 Oh all you Creatures of the Lord
44 Come Holy Ghost
46 Draw nigh and take the Body of the Lord

Drop, drop, slow tears a 4

47 As on the night (Songs 47 and 34)
67 Give us the wings of faith to rise

When one among the Twelve there was

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