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Born: ca. 1480?



Bauldeweyn replaced Jean Richafort at St. Rombouts in Mechelen 1509 and was succeeded there by Jacques Champion in 1513, beyond which no definite facts are known of his life: the death at Antwerp of a canon Nicolaus Bauldini in 1529/1530 has caused some confusion. 7 masses (including Missa Da pacem (Josquin des Prez)) and a dozen motets survive.

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List of choral works

  • Missa Da pacem Domine, 4vv (also attrib. Josquin, Mouton)
  • Missa En douleur en tristesse [‘Ach Gott wem soll ich’s klagen’], 5vv, (on his own chanson), D-Ju MS 8
  • Missa Inviolata integra et casta, D-Ju MS 2 and 8
  • Missa Missa Myns liefkins bruyn ooghen, 4vv, (on popular melody) D-Ju MS 8
  • Missa ‘Quam pulchra es’, 6vv (on his own motet), D-Mbs 6
  • Missa sine nomine (‘a voce mutata’), 4vv, I-MOd Mus.x
  • Missa sine nomine, 6vv, I-Rvat
    • A fantasia on a Pleni sunt caeli from an otherwise unknown mass was intabulated for lute by Valderrábano
  • Ad Dominum cum tribularer, ?5vv (Sup only extant), I-Bc A27
  • Benedicam Dominum, 5vv (also attrib. Stoltzer), ed. in EDM, 1st ser., lxvi (1969) Bauldeweyn
  • Exaltabo te Deus meus, 4vv, 1519³
  • Gaude Dei genetrix, 4vv, CZ-HK II.A.7 (not listed in Sparks)
  • Gloriosus Dei apostolus Bartholomeus, 4vv, 1519³
  • Quam pulchra es, 4vv, 1519³
  • Qui diligitis Dominum [contrafactum of Bs of Missa ‘En douleur en tristesse’], 3vv, 1542/8
  • Salve regina, 6vv, D-Mbs 34 (Sup of Ockeghem’s chanson Je n’ay dueil in Sup)
  • Sancta Maria, virgo virginum, 6vv, E-Bc M.1967 (not listed in Sparks)
  • Si vos manseritis [contrafactum of Et ascendit from Missa ‘En douleur en tristesse’], 2vv, 1545/7 Art. 401
  • Stabat virgo juxta crucem, 6vv 2, D-MÜu (ant Tota pulchra es in T II; quinta vox missing) (A completed version of 'Stabat virgo' is available on cpdl if you search for it spelling 'iuxta' as 'juxta'.)
  • Sum tuus in vita, 5vv, 1540/7
  • Tu Domine universorum, 6vv, 1545³
  • En douleur, en tristesse [ = Ach Gott wem soll ich’s klagen], 5vv (also attrib. Grefinger) ed. in DTÖ, lxxii, Jg.xxxvii/2 (1930/R)

Doubtful and misattributed works

  • Ach hülff mich layd, 4vv, attrib. Bauldeweyn, Buchner, Josquin, Pirson
  • Ave caro Christi cara [= Ave Christe immolate], 4vv, by Josquin

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