Nicolaus de Radom

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Aliases: Mikołaj z Radomia; Mikołaj z Radomski; Nicolas de Radom


Born: probably late 14th century.

Died: probably after 1430


The first Polish composer whose talent and learning were of an European calibre: the first whose knowledge and skills allowed him not only to imitate foreign models but to contribute creatively to the development of European music.

Only ten works by Poland's greatest 15th century composer have come down to us. Even on the basis of such scant evidence it is possible to define the artist's style. All the pieces were written for three parts, their tone typical of the late Medieval/early Renaissance periods. With the exception of the Magnificat they all dispense with references to chant and the isorhythmic structure of the material. The works are primarily sacred (liturgical) in character: three paired settings of the Gloria and Credo, a Magnificat, an Alleluia, a panegyrical motet the Hystorigraphi aciem mentis and one probably secular composition without text.

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