Mikolaj Zielenski

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Aliases: Mikołaj Zieleński; Nicolaus Zielenski; Zelenscius


Born: before 1590?

Died: after 1615?

Biography: Little is known of Zieleński's life, beyond his presence by 1604 in Płonck where he became organist in 1606, and his marriage and publication of 2 volumes in 1611, dedicated to the Archbishop of Gniezno. That the later died in 1615 without having hired a replacement suggests Zieleński was still alive at that time.

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List of choral works

Other works

These works are available at the Biblioteka Caecilianum website (see link below).

  • Anima nostra a 7vv
  • Desiderium animae eius a 8vv
  • Deus firmavit orbem terrae a 8vv
  • Domus mea a 4vv
  • Haec dies a 5vv
  • Iustus ut palma a 7vv
  • Laetabitur iustus in Domino a 6vv
  • Laetamini in Domino a 8vv
  • Laetentur caeli a 8vv
  • Mihi autem a 8vv
  • O gloriosa Domina a 5vv
  • Ortus de Polonia Stanislaus a 8vv
  • Per signum crucis a 4vv
  • Reges Tharsis a 8vv
  • Tu es Petrus a 8vv
  • Tui sunt caeli a 8vv

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  • Offertoria totius anni, Venetijs, Apud Iacobum Vincentium MDCXI 1611
  • Communiones totius anni quibus in solennioribus festis Sancta Romana Ecclesia uti consuevit ad cantum organi, 1–6vv, insts, cum … vocis resolutione, quam Itali gorgia vocant … aliquot simphoniae, 4–6vv, et tres fantasiae (Venice, 1611)

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