Mihi autem nimis

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This antiphon (138:17 [Vulgate]) is used for feasts of several apostles as well as being the offertory for the Conversion of St. Paul. The chant is found on p. 1206 of the Liber Usualis as the introit for St. Andreas, using vv. 1-2 for the verse and again as the offertory on p. 1207.

It has been set by Dufay (Missa S. Jacobi), Isaac (CC3), Thomas Stolzer, Carissimi (SSB & bc), Johann Adolf Hasse (with orchestra) and Flor Peeters (SATB & organ). (these not yet available on CPDL)

The offertory Mihi autem adhaerere (psalm 73) from the mass of St. Francis, has been set for men's voices by Franz Liszt.

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Text and translations

Psalm 139.17 [138.17]
Note that modern translations of this verse tend not to mention "friends" at all, making the reason for its appointment for saints’ days somewhat obscure. [The reason for this is that more recent translations (e.g. Coverdale) are relying on sources where the text is different from that of the Vulgate.]

Latin.png Latin text

Mihi autem nimis honorati* sunt amici tui, Deus,
nimis confortatus est principatus eorum.

[* honorificati in the (Vulgate) Palestrina & Zielenski setting]

German.png German translation

Aber wie köstlich sind vor mir, Gott, deine Gedanken!
Wie ist ihrer so eine große Summe!

English.png English translation

But to me, O God, how honoured are your friends!
How much has their principality been strengthened!

Hungarian.png Hungarian translation

Nekem pedig igen tiszteletre méltók a te barátaid, Isten,
uralmuk igen erős lett.