Johann Stadlmayr

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Born: unknown; informed guesses are 1560 (Fétis), 1575 (WP:fr) or 1580 (Grove)

Died: 1648


German composer. He was in the service of the Archbishop of Salzburg from 1603. He was Kapellmeister of the Archdukes Maximilian and Leopold, in 1610 and 1625, and of the Archduchess Claudia at Innsbruck, in 1636.

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List of choral works

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  • Hymni quibus totius anni decursu (1628)
  • Odæ sacræ Iesu Christo servatori hominum nato et resurgenti cantatæ (1638; SSATB)
  • Psalmi Integri a 4 Vocibvs Concertantibvs Quatuor aliis accessoriis ad libitum accinendis cum 2. Cornet siue Violin. (1641; 11 Psalms and 2 Magnificats)
  • [4] Missae Concertatae a 10 et 12 Vocibus et Instrumentis cum Quatuor Partibus Pro Secundo Choro (1642)

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