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Aliases: Jachet de Mantua; Jachet de Mantoue; Jacquet of Mantua; Jachet de Mantova; Jacques Colebault; Jacobus Collebaudi


Born: 1483, Vitré

Died: 2 October 1559, Mantua


French composer active in Italy. He was one of the leading composers of sacred polyphony between Josquin and Palestrina. He was known simply as Jacquet (Giachetto, Iachettus), and has often been confused with Jacquet de Berchem. Details of his early years are lacking, but he was doubtless related to the French singer Antoine Colebault, called Bidon, a favourite of Leo X. Several north Italian manuscripts compiled around 1520 contain a group of his motets. In 1525 he won support, along with Willaert, from Duke Alfonso I. Jacquet and Willaert later jointly set psalms for double chorus. About 1526 Jacquet turned his sights on Mantua, whose musical life he would dominate for the next 30 years. He was granted citizenship in 1534 and from then until 1559 he was titular maestro di cappella of Mantua Cathedral. His status was unusual, however, in that he had direct responsibility not to the cathedral or court but rather to a single patron, Ercole Cardinal Gonzaga (1505–63), Bishop of Mantua, papal legate to Charles V and ultimately president of the Council of Trent.

In response to his patron’s zeal for the Counter-Reformation, Jacquet specialized in religious music almost to the exclusion of the secular. He was prolific and one of the most widely published and admired composers of his time. Scotto and Gardane undertook collected editions of his sacred works. Aspice Domine, most famous of his motets, was known in over 40 sources, including seven instrumental intabulations. He won recognition from the music-loving Medici popes Leo X and Clement VII. Theorists from Lanfranco and Vanneo to Artusi and Cerone praised his works and ranked him with Gombert and Willaert.

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List of choral works

  Emendemus in melius by 'Jachet' may also be by Jacquet of Mantua (can be found on cpdl under 'Jachet de Berchem').
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  • Motecta quinque vocum liber primus, Venice, 1539
  • Motecta quatuor vocum liber primus, Venice, 1539
  • Motecta quinque vocum, Venice, 1553
  • Il primo libro de le messe a cinque voci, Venice, 1554
  • Messe del fiore a cinque voci libro primo, Venice, 1561
  • Messe del fiore a cinque voci libro secondo, Venice, 1561
  • Motetti a cinque voci libro secondo, Venice, 1561
  • Himni vesperorum totius anni secundum Romanum curiam, 4–5vv, Venice, 1566
  • Orationes complures ad officium Hebdomadae sanctae pertinentes, 4–5vv, Venice, 1567

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