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Iste confessor is the Vesper hymn for Confessor Bishops, tracable to the 10th century and possibly originally composed in honor of St. Martin<ref>Hymns of the Breviary and Missal by Matthew Britt, Benziger Brothers, 1922</ref>. There are two variants, Iste confessor Domini sacratus and, in the Liber Usualis, Iste confessor Domini colentes. Alternatim settings usually begin with the second verse, "Qui pius, prudens"

Settings by composers



Organ verses have been written by Frescobaldi (Tocate), Titelouse & others.  

Text and translations

Latin.png Latin text

1  Iste Confessor Domini colentes
Quem pie laudant populi per orbem :
Hac die laetus meruit beatas
Scandere sedes.

2  Qui pius, prudens, humilis, pudicus,
Sobriam duxit sine labe vitam.
Donec humanos animavit aurae
Spiritus artus.

3  Cujus obpraestans meritum frequenter,
Ægra quae passim jacuere membra,
Viribus morbi domitis, saluti

4  Noster hinc illi chorus obsequentem
Concinit laudem, celebresque palmas;
Ut piis ejus precibus juvemur
Omne per ævum.

5  Sit salus illi, decus, atque virtus,
Qui super cæli solio coruscans,
Totius mundi seriem gubernat,
Trinus et unus. Amen

Latin.png Latin text

1  Iste confessor Domini sacratus
Festa plebs cuius celebrat per orbem,
Hodie letus meruit secreta,
Scandere Cœli.

2  Qui pius, prudens, humilis, pudicus,
Sobrius, castus fuit et quietus
Vita, dum presens vegetavit ejus
Corporis artus.

3  Ad sacrum cuius tumulum frequenter,
Membra languentem modo sanitati,
Quo libet morbo fuerint gravata,

4  Unde nunc noster chorus in honorem
Ipsius hymnum canit nunc libenter,
Ut piis ejus meritis juvemur
Omne per aevum.

5  Sit salus illi decus atque virtus,
Qui supra cœli residens cacumen,
Totius mundi machinam gubernat,
Trinus et unus.

English.png English translation

1  He, whose confession God of old accepted,
Whom through the ages all now hold in honour,
Gaining his guerdon this day came to enter
Heaven's high portal.

2  God-fearing, watchful, pure of mind and body,
Holy and humble, thus did all men find him;
While, through his members, to the life immortal
Mortal life called him.

3  Thus to the weary, from the life enshrined,
Potent in virtue, flowed humane compassion;
Sick and sore laden, howsoever burdened,
There they found healing.

4  So now in chorus, giving God the glory,
Raise we our anthem gladly to his honour,
That in fair kinship we may all be sharers
Here and hereafter.

5  Honour and glory, power and salvation,
Be in the highest unto him who reigneth
Changeless in heaven over earthly changes,
Triune, eternal. Amen.

English.png English translation

1  THIS the Confessor of the Lord, whose triumph
Now all the faithful celebrate, with gladness
Erst on this feast-day merited to enter
Into his glory.

2  Saintly and prudent, modest in behavior.
Peaceful and sober, chaste was he, and lowly.
While that life's vigor, coursing through his members,
Quickened his being.

3  Sick ones of old time, to his tomb resorting.
Sorely by ailments manifold afflicted,
Oft-times have welcomed health and strength returning.
At his petition.

4  Whence we in chorus gladly do him honor,
Chanting his praises with devout affection,
That in his merits we may have a portion.
Now and forever.

5  His be the glory, power and salvation,
Who over all things reigneth in the highest,
Earth's mighty fabric ruling and directing,
Onely and Trinal.

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