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Born: 1839

Died: 1925


Hubert Platt Main was born in Ridgefield, Connecticut, and attended his father’s singing school as a youth. He was once was disciplined for repeatedly running off from home to hide under the benches in the band room and listening to the music. He went to New York City and worked as an errand boy in a wallpaper house, then in the Bristow & Morse piano company. He helped his father edit the “Sunday School Lute” songbook by Isaac Woodbury. He took a position in William B. Bradbury’s publishing house and reformed the company as Biglow & Main following Bradbury’s death. He sang in all the significant New York choirs and was well known as a choir leader and organist. He composed over 1,000 pieces of music including part songs, singing school songs, Sunday School music, hymns, anthems, etc. He also collected music books and sold his collection of over 3,500 volumes to the Newberry Library in Chicago, Illinois, where they were known as the “Main Library.” He died in Newark, New Jersey.

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