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WARNING. This page is a draft - work in progress.

Quick start

To see more details, see Help:Score submission guide/Detailed description

A. Before connecting to CPDL

  1. In your music transcription software, edit your score the way you want it.
  2. Save it using a short, unique file name.
  3. Save PDF, MID, and MXL files of your score.

B. Add work to CPDL

  1. Log in to CPDL.
  2. Search for composer in search bar; also search in Category:Composers. Look also for alternate spellings of composer's name.
  3. Open a few works by the composer, to get ideas about how to format a work page.
  4. If composer is found, migrate to composer page, and look for your work. If your work is found, migrate to work page, and click on "Add new edition" tab. If work is not found, click on "Add new work" on composer page.
  5. If composer is not found, migrate to any composer page, click on "Add new work".
  6. Complete the AddWork form. Items that are required are shown in bold; items highly recommended are marked with an asterisk ( * ). Items not completed in the form could be added in the editing process later (Step C).
    1. Title of work. Use a short title that is distinguishable from others. Avoid special characters.
    2. Name of composer. First_name Last_name; don't change it unless you are adding a new composer (composer not found in search above).
    3. Name of lyricist. Choose name from Category:Lyricists. Leave blank if unknown.
    4. Name of editor/contributor. Your real name.
    5. Email of editor/contributor. Your e-mail address in full.
    6. Publish my e-mail address. Leave unchecked.
    7. Genre. Select "Sacred" or "Secular".
    8. Subgenre*. Select frm dropdown menu; leave blank if unsure or unknown.
    9. Number of voices. Integer number from 1 to 26.
    10. Voicing. String of letters using only S, A, T, or B. Punctuate with "." to separate choirs.
    11. Year of first publication*. Integer number; can. begin with "ca. " or "post " as needed.
    12. Language. Choose one from dropdown menu; if more than one, leave field blank.
    13. Composer's time period. Leave as is; automatically populated.
    14. Orchestration. Choose from dropdown menu; choose "A cappella" if unaccompanied.
    15. Notes about musical composition*.
    16. Sheet music format. Leave it "PDF".
    17. Sheet music location. Leave blank, click "Upload file now", migrate to PDF file on your computer; close tab when finished.
    18. Size of PDF file. Automatically populated.
    19. Number of pages. Automatically populated.
    20. Midi file*. Leave blank, click "Upload file now", migrate to MID file on your computer; close tab when finished.
    21. MP3 file. Leave blank.
    22. Music notation file*. Leave blank, click "Upload file now", migrate to MXL file on your computer; close tab when finished.
    23. Music notation program (only list if you are making the notation file available). Automatically populated.
    24. Notes about edition.
    25. Copyright type. Choose one from dropdown menu. Choose "CPDL" if not sure.
    26. External web links. Leave for later.
    27. Your email address. Give your email address again.
    28. Do not automatically add wiki code. Leave unchecked.
  7. When you click "submit", wait … you will return to composer page.

C. Edit work page

  1. On composer page, click your new work, and edit it.
  2. Items that may need editing:
    1. Add your own transcription file to the list of files.
    2. If more than one composer or lyricist, change {{Composer|}} to {{Composer|2|<name1>|<name2>}}.
    3. Add Edition notes or Description.
    4. Add text; either link to a text page: {{LinkText|<pagename>}} or Type in text: {{Text|<language>|<Text>}}
    5. If title of work starts with an article adjective, put at the bottom: {{DEFAULTSORT:<Sort order>}}, where Sort order is the work title revised for sort; for example {{DEFAULTSORT:Actes of the Apostles, The (Christopher Tye)}}
  3. Click "Show preview". Change items that need editing before saving changes.
  4. If composer is new, there will be a link next to the composer's name; click it and go to the next section.

D. Edit composer page

  1. Open composer page. Make sure your work is included; if the page has been automated, you should see your work in its place.
  2. If composer is new:
    1. Fill in birth and death dates.
    2. Write (or copy) short biography.
    3. Add publications, if known.
    4. At bottom of page, edit birth, death, era, and nationality information.
  3. Click "Show preview". Change items that need editing before saving changes.

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