Grzegorz Gerwazy Gorczycki

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Alias: Gregor Gerwarzy Gorczycki


Born: c. 1665-7

Died: 30 April 1734

Biography Gorczycki studied philosophy at Prague until 1683 and theology at Vienna until 1689, becoming ordained in Kraków in spring 1692. Soon afterwards he was appointed professor at the Congregatio Missionis at Chełmno, Pomerania, where he directed the music in the chapel. In 1694 he returned to Kraków and became the penitentiary of Wawel Cathedral, and in 1698 director of music there.

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List of choral works

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  • Grzegorz Gerwazy Gorczycki: Opera omnia, ed. K. Mrowiec, MMP, ser.A (1995–)

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