Franz Schubert

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Franz Schubert


Born: 31 January 1797

Died: 19 November 1828


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List of choral works

Sacred music

Technically a secular song, but the latin version is so frequently used that it appears here as well as below under Songs.

Secular choruses

Arrangements for chorus

Songs with piano

No. 1 Gute Nacht
No. 2 Die Wetterfahne
No. 3 Gefrorne Tränen
No. 4 Erstarrung
No. 5 Der Lindenbaum
No. 6 Wasserflut
No. 7 Auf dem Flusse
No. 8 Rückblick
No. 9 Irrlicht
No. 10 Rast
No. 11 Frühlingstraum
No. 12 Einsamkeit
No. 13 Die Post
No. 14 Der greise Kopf
No. 15 Die Krähe
No. 16 Letzte Hoffnung
No. 17 Im Dorfe
No. 18 Der stürmische Morgen
No. 19 Täuschung
No. 20 Der Wegweiser
No. 21 Das Wirtshaus
No. 22 Mut
No. 23 Die Nebensonnen
No. 24 Der Leiermann
  • Schwanengesang D957 (op. posth.)
No. 4 Ständchen (Serenade) Leise flehen meine Lieder

Automated list (of Lieder) for comparison

Other works not listed above (See Template:CheckMissing for possible reasons and solutions)

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External links

  • Schubert online contains digital reproductions of more than 500 score autographs, letters and life documents by Franz Schubert