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Alias: Francesc Valls


Born: c. 1665? 1671 has recently been proposed.

Died: 03 February 1747

Biography: Valls was first employed as a parish musician in 1688, then maestro de capilla at Gerona Cathedral in 1689, and in 1696 at S María del Mar Barcelona. He joined the Barcelona Cathedral in 1696 as substitute, interim, and finally as maestro in 1709. His retirement is given variously as 1726 or 1741 (the year he began his treatise Mapa armonico).

His best known work is the "Missa Scala Aretina" based on a 6 note scale first used by Guido d'Arezzo in the plainchant of "Ut Queant Laxis". Valls wrote two further masses on the Aretine Scale, which are less well known: the "Missa Regalis" dedicated to the King of Portugal, and the Missa "Ut queant laxis".

Among lost works are 4 oratorios.

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List of choral works (includes all choral works from "Mapa Armónico Práctico)

Masses on the Aretine scale


Arias, sacred, and other solo works




Canons and fugues, sacred, Latin text

Hymns, Latin text




Mass, full setting of

Mass, movements from the

Motets, choral




Te Deum, movements from the

Other sacred compositions, or fragments, in Latin

Sacred works in Spanish

Theatrical or operatic compositions in Spanish

Illustration of choral techniques

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