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Born: 9 April 1846

Died: 2 December 1916


Sir Francesco Paolo Tosti was an Italian composer and music teacher. Tosti received most of his music education in his native Ortona, Italy, as well as the conservatory in Naples. After an initial career as singer and voice teacher, he became restless during his twenties and in 1875, visited London, England, eventually settling down in the city. In 1880, he was made singing master to the Royal Family and in 1894 he joined the Royal Academy of Music as a professor. In 1906, Tosti became a British citizen and was knighted two years later by his friend, Edward VII. He returned to Italy in 1910, spending most of his remaining years in Rome.

Tosti is remembered for his light, expressive songs. His style became very popular during the belle epoque and is often known as salon music. His most famous works are Serenata (lyrics: Cesareo), Addio (lyrics: Rizzelli) and the popular Neapolitan song, Marechiare, the lyrics of which are by the prominent Neapolitan dialect poet, Salvatore Di Giacomo.

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