Edward Francis Rimbault

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Born: 13 June 1816

Died: 26 September 1876


Edward Francis Rimbault was born in Soho, London, England, son of organist and composer Stephen Francis Rimbault (1773–1837). He studied under his father, Samuel Sebastian Wesley, and William Crotch. He was organist of the Swiss Church, Soho, and subsequently of several other London churches. He was a popular lecturer on musical history, especially at the Royal Institution. He was one of the founders of the Percy and Musical Antiquarian Societies, editor to the Motett Society, the Percy Society, the Camden Society, and the Handel Society. He held a membership in the Academy of Music in Stockholm, Sweden. He received degrees from the Academy as well as Harvard University and the University of Oxford. He edited many collections of music, and edited or arranged earlier English music and contemporary operas. He also authored numerous books on music. He died in London. His compositions include a cantata, an operetta, organ pieces, piano pieces, service music, songs, and part-songs.

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