Edward Anders Wimmerstedt

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Born: 1838

Died: 1883


Edward Anders Wimmerstedt was born in Skärstad, Sweden. His father Anders Wilhelm Wimmerstedt was an organist and musical director. He emigrated in 1863 and went to Chicago, Illinois, where he taught piano. He moved to Jacksonville, Illinois, and taught music at the Illinois Female College and the Illinois Institution for the Education of the Blind for nineteen years. He and his wife recognized for their many recitals in the area. He contracted tuberculosis and they moved to Napa, California. There he cultivated an fruit orchard. In 1883, while covering his trees for protection from a frost, a branch broke and he fell to the ground. He was taken to Oakland to treat his injuries, but he died there a short time later. He wrote many songs and salon piano pieces.

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