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Born: 1839

Died: 1915


Eden Reeder Latta (-) was born in La Grange County, Indiana, where his grandfather Robert had settled and helped found the Methodist affiliated Eden Chapel Society. His grandfather and his father William James Latta were pastors of the group. He became a school teacher and also served as a “circuit rider” preacher for various Methodist churches throughout Iowa. He established himself as a songwriter and collaborated with several major gospel composers, including his childhood friend William A. Ogden, as well as James McGranahan, James H. Fillmore, and Edmund S. Lorenz. He wrote more than 1,600 hymn lyrics and several tunes. Among his well-known songs are Blessed be the fountain (Whiter than snow), Come to Jesus, and Live for Jesus, O my brother. He retired to Osterdock, IA.

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