Dominique Phinot

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Alias: Domenico Finotto Finot


Born: c. 1510

Died: c. 1556

Biography Phinot was employed in Urbino in 1544, 1545 and again in 1555, but published in Lyons with dedications to local citizens. Girolomo Cardano use the epithet Gallus, confirming Pinot's French origin, and records that he was executed for homosexuality.

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List of choral works



  • Laissez cela, disoit une nonette
  • Las, pourquoy donc (Marot)
  • L’eau qui distille (Bembo/Martin)
  • Le coeur et l’oeil
  • Le concours discordant
  • L’esprit vouloit (M. Scève)
  • Lynote a 4vv
  • Vivons, m'amye et l'amour poursuyvons (Catullus)


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