D-ERu 473-1

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General information

Title: D-ERu 473-1
Compiler: Johannes Härtung

Publication date and place: 1541 in Heilsbronn. – Manuscript
Description:  Copied by Johannes Härtung. Inscription 'Secundus Tomus' on cover; one of a set of four (of an original seven) choirbooks. Copied at the Cistercian monastery in Heilsbronn. The repertory, however, is Lutheran, reflecting the sympathetic attitude toward the Reformation at the monastery. Brought to Erlangen in the 18th century.

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Contents of D-ERu 473-1 are sorted initially by the order in which they appear in the collection. The table is sortable, by clicking the icon at the top of each column.

No. Folio Title Composer Parts Notes
1 1v-10 Ad te levavi AnonymousAnonymous 4
2 10v-15 Alleluia. Ostende nobis Domine AnonymousAnonymous 4
3 15v-18 Dominus dabit benignitatem et terra AnonymousAnonymous 4
4 18v-22 Rorate caeli Isaac, HeinrichHeinrich Isaac 4
5 22v-24 Ecce virgo concipiet Isaac, HeinrichHeinrich Isaac 4
6 24v-29 Ecce concipies AnonymousAnonymous 4
7 29v-38 Ecce Maria genuit Mahu, StephanStephan Mahu 5
8 38v-44 Congratulamini mihi omnes AnonymousAnonymous 4 attributed to Claudin de Sermisy or Philippe Verdelot
9 44v-51 Puer natus est nobis AnonymousAnonymous 4
10 51v-57 Magnum hereditatis misterium templum Dei Willaert, AdrianAdrian Willaert 4 7th and final part of O admirabile commercium (Adrian Willaert)
11 57v-72 Te Deum laudamus AnonymousAnonymous 4 in 17 sections. Attributed to Andreas de Silva, Jean Mouton and Josquin Desprez
12 72v-115 Missa Hercules Dux Ferrariae Hellinck, LupusLupus Hellinck 4 dedicatee: Hercules, Duc of Ferrara. Plainchant usually in Tenor.
13 115v-126 Fratres ego enim Mantua, Jacquet deJacquet de Mantua 4
14 126v-140 Virga Jesse floruit Senfl, LudwigLudwig Senfl 4
15 140v-148 Grates nunc omnes Senfl, LudwigLudwig Senfl 5
16 148v-153 Salutem ex inimicis Arthopius, BalthasarBalthasar Arthopius 5
17 153v-159 Veni creator spiritus AnonymousAnonymous 6 attributed to Heinrich Finck and Adam Rener. 3rd Discantus part in German ("Kum hailiger geist").
18 159v-175 Jerusalem Iuge AnonymousAnonymous 5 attributed to Lupus Hellinck, Jean Richafort, and Arnold Caen.
19 175v-225 Missa Accessit ad pedes Jesu Rein, ConradConrad Rein 5


Works at CPDL

Title Composer No. Page Subgenre Subg. 2 Voices
Ad te levavi Anonymous 1 1v Introits SATB
Alleluia. Ostende nobis Domine Anonymous 2 10v Alleluia verses ATTB
Congratulamini mihi omnes Claudin de Sermisy 8 38v Motets SATB
Dominus dabit benignitatem et terra Anonymous 3 15v Motets ATBB
Ecce Maria genuit Stephan Mahu 7 29v Antiphons ATTBB
Ecce concipies Anonymous 6 24v Motets ATTB
Ecce virgo concipiet Heinrich Isaac 5 22v Motets Communions SATB
Fratres. Ego enim accepi a Domino Jacquet de Mantua 13 115v Motets SATB
Jerusalem luge Jean Richafort 18 159v Motets Tenebrae responsories AATBB
Missa Hercules Dux Ferrariae Lupus Hellinck 12 72v Masses ATTB
O admirabile commercium Adrian Willaert 10 51v Motets Antiphons SATTB
Puer natus est nobis (D-ERu 473-1) Anonymous 9 44v Introits ATTB
Rorate caeli (Advent IV) Heinrich Isaac 4 18v Introits ATTB
Te Deum laudamus (D-ERu 473-1) Anonymous 11 57v Morning Canticles ATTB