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This is more of a request than a new item.

A few days ago in an email exchange with the artistic director of a notable professional vocal ensemble located in the UK, I received the the following comment:

"... CPDL - it's such a wonderful resource which we have used often. I wonder if you have ever considered adding a feature? I often find that I'd like to hear what the pieces sound like, and while there are some sound files for some of the pieces which you can download alongside the PDF score, this is not available for a lot of repertoire. Is this something which you are considering?"

In the past, CPDL has encouraged those submitting scores to include sound files (.mp3 or .mid) with their scores so that users browsing the ChoralWiki might readily be able to hear what a piece sounds like. The above comment only serves to repeat and emphasize this encouragement.

Separately, CPDL has also encouraged inclusion of (compressed) MusicXML (.mxl) source files with submitted scores. In light of the above request for sound files, it is worth pointing out that the inclusion of .mxl files can be of use for creating sound files from .mxl files, since one may import .mxl files into an engraving program (such as Finale) which may then be processed to yield sound files that may be uploaded to CPDL. The best .mxl files for this are those produced by engraving programs used to prepare scores, as opposed to those which are produced by a pdf-to-mxl converter, since the .mxl files produced this latter way are often inadequate for the creation of sound files. The effort to produce missing sound files from .mxl files is one that could benefit considerably from help provided by our users. If you can help out, we would be most grateful for your contribution to this endeavor.

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Charles H. Giffen
CPDL Board of Directors chair