Heruvimskaya Pesn'

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General information

The Херувимскaя пeснь ("Heruvimskaya pesñ") - Cherubic hymn or Herouvikon (Gr.) - is the hymn sung during the so-called Great Entrance in orthodox liturgy. It accompanies the procession of the clergy who bring wine and bread in front of the iconostasis. Its first verses are sung to a solemn, slow rhythm. The hymn is then interrupted by a number of prayers (for the faithful, the patriarch etc.), after which the choir responds with 'Amin' and sings the final verse of the hymn in a more lively rhythm, as the clergy re-enters the sanctuary.

Settings by composers

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Text and translations

Church_Slavonic.png Church Slavonic text

Иже Херувимы тайно образующе,
и животворящей Тройцѣ трисвятую пѣснь припѣвающе.
Всякое нынѣ житейское отложимъ попеченіе.
Яко да Царя всѣх подымемъ,
Aнгельскими невидимо дори-носима чинми. Аллилуіa.

English.png English translation

We, who mystically represent the Cherubim,
And chant the thrice-holy hymn to the Life-giving Trinity,
Let us set aside the cares of life
That we may receive the King of all,
Who comes invisibly escorted by the Divine Hosts. Alleluia.

Dutch.png Dutch translation

Laat ons, die hier op mystieke de cherubs verzinnebeelden,
en het driemaal heilig zingen tot de levenschenkende Drie-eenheid,
nu alle aardse zorgen opzij leggen
zodat wij de Koning van het al kunnen verwelkomen,
die binnentreedt, op onzichtbare wijze begeleid door de hemelse scharen.

French.png French translation

Nous qui dans ce mystère représentons les chérubins
et chantons l'hymne trois fois sainte à la vivifiante Trinité,
déposons maintenant tous les soucis de ce monde.
Pour recevoir le Roi de toutes choses,
invisiblement escorté par les armées des anges.
Alléluia, Alléluia, Alléluia.

Greek.png Greek translation

Οἱ τὰ Χερουβεὶμ μυστικῶς εἰκονίζοντες,
καὶ τῇ ζωοποιῷ Τριάδι τὸν τρισάγιον ὕμνον προσᾴδοντες,
πᾶσαν τὴν βιοτικὴν ἀποθώμεθα μέριμναν,
ὡς τὸν Βασιλέα τῶν ὅλων ὑποδεξόμενοι
ταῖς ἀγγελικαῖς ἀοράτως δορυφορούμενον τάξεσιν.

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