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Suggestion - some kind of subject categorisation running across CPDL would be invaluable, in addition to the existing categorisations. I'm looking for Christmas music right now, so one possible category would be "Seasonal" with subcategories e.g. winter, Christmas, New Year, Spring, Summer, Autumn, etc. I include Christmas here because I think it's a well enough recognised secular festival despite the religious name. Another category would be Religious Festivals (obvious subcategories including all major religions).

Categories ...

If you are looking for Christmas music, I would suggest the subgenre 'Carols'. Others have suggested categories relating to the church year. That would be great if someone would be willing to work on how to set up such a system.

Rafael Ornes Manager, CPDL

... Sacred music

Under Sacred music, the subcategory Antiphons should be added ... I have already added it to the Sacred music page. ~Chuck Giffen