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Domenica IX post Pentecosten or the Ninth Sunday after Pentecost corresponds to the Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, the Gospel with the expulsion of the moneychangers from the temple (Luke 19:41-) giving way in the three-year lectionary to the mustard seed (Matt. 13:24-43), the sheep without a shepherd (Mark 6:30-34) and Mary & Martha (Luke 10:38-42).

Proper Liber usualis Gregorian Missal (1990)
Introit: Ecce Deus adjuvat me
Gradual: Domine Dominus noster
Year B: Si ambulem
Alleluia verse: Eripe me
Offertory: Justitiae Domini
Communion: Qui manducat

A & B: Acceptabis sacrificium
C: Optimam partem