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Office hymns are used as one part of the Divine Office or Liturgy of the Hours in the Western Rite, including the services of Lauds (morning prayer), Vespers (evening prayer), and Compline (prayer just before going to bed), although the texts are used at other times as well, as in the procession to the altar of repose on Maundy Thursday. These Latin hymns are frequently sung in English in Anglican services. They have also been translated and paraphrased in other languages and used as simple hymns and chorales. They are not to be confused with Category:Sequence hymns.

A book devoted to hymns for the Office is called a hymnary or hymnarium. Notable polyphonic collections are Dufay's Hymnarium, Lasso's Hymni per totum annum anno 1581, Victoria's Hymni totius anni (1581) and Palestrina's Hymni totius anni...4ibus vocibus (1589).

Season/Feast date Title Author
Advent Conditor alme siderum anon.
Christmas Dec. 25 Christe Redemptor omnium...
Holy Innocents Dec. 28 Salvete flores martyrum Prudentius
Epiphany Jan. 6 Hostis Herodes impie
Epiphany II and non-penitential
Sundays throughout the year
Lucis Creator optime
Weekdays of Lent up to Passion Sun. Audi benigne Conditor
Sundays of Lent up to Passion Sun. Ad preces nostras
Passion Sunday Vexilla Regis
Octave of Easter Ad coenam Agni
Ascension Jesu nostra redemptio
Pentecost Veni Creator Spiritus
Corpus Christi Pange lingua
Common of a Confessor Iste confessor
John the Baptist 6/24 Ut queant laxis
Mary Magdalene 07/22 Lauda mater Ecclesia
All Saints Nov. 1 Christe Redemptor omnium... attr. Rabanus Maurus

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