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Domenica III. in Quadragesima, the Third Sunday in Lent, is also called Oculi after the introit. In the recently introduced three-year lectionaries the exorcism of the dumb man (Luke 11:14) is replaced by the Samarian woman (John 4:5-42, year A), the expulsion of the moneychangers (John 2:13-25, year B), and the parable of the fig tree (Luke 13:1-9, year C).

Mass propers Liber usualis Gregorian Missal (1990)
Introit Oculi mei
Gradual Exurge Domine
Tract Ad te levavi oculos
Offertory: Justitiae Domini
Communion: Passer invenit
or, with year A gospel, Qui biberit

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