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Born: 30 September 1852

Died: 29 March 1924


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List of choral works

Sacred works

Anthems & motets

Anglican chants

Bible Songs, Op. 113

  1. A Song of Freedom "When the Lord turned again" (Ps 126) to be followed by "Let Us with a Gladsome Mind" (Hymn (after a song of Freedom))
  2. A Song of Trust "I will lift mine eyes" (Ps 124) to be followed by Hymn (after a Song of Trust) - Purest and Highest
  3. A Song of Hope "Out of the deep" (Ps 130), to be followed by 'In thee is Gladness'.
  4. A song of peace "And there shall come forth a rod" (Isa 11) to be followed by Pray that Jerusalem
  5. A song of battle "If the Lord himself" (Ps 124) to be followed by "Praise to the Lord, the Almighty"
  6. A song of wisdom "I came forth" (Ecclesiasticus 24) to be followed by Oh for a closer walk with God

Carols, Hymns & Hymn tunes


Complete services

Some of the following are found on multiple pages below for Morning, Evening, and Communion Services.

  • A major, Op. 12
  • B flat Major, Op. 10
  • F major, Op. 36
  • G major, Op. 81
  • C major, Op. 115
  • D major for Unison Choir (1923)

Communion settings

Morning canticles

Evening canticles

Other sacred works

Secular works


  • 4 Part-Songs, Op. 47 (1892)
  1. Soft, soft wind
  2. Sing heigh ho
  3. Airly Beacon
  4. The Knight's tomb
  • Six Elizabethan Pastorals, Op. 49
  1. To his flocks
  2. Corydon, Arise!
  3. Diaphenia
  4. Sweet love for me
  5. Damon's Passion
  6. Phoebe
  • Six Elizabethan Pastorals (Second set), Op. 53
  1. On a hill there grows a flower
  2. Like Desert Woods
  3. Praised be Diana
  4. Cupid and Rosalind
  5. O shady vales
  6. The Shepherd Doron's jig
  • Six Elizabethan Pastorals (Third set), Op. 67
  1. A carol for Christmas
  2. The Shepherd's anthem
  3. Shall we go dance?
  4. Love in prayers
  5. Of disdainful Daphne
  6. Love's fire
  • A Cycle of Songs (for a quartet of solo voices), Op. 68
  1. As thro' the land
  2. Sweet and low
  3. The splendour falls on castle walls
  4. Tears, idle tears
  5. O Swallow, Swallow
  6. Thy voice is heard
  7. Home they brought her warrior dead
  8. Our enemies have fall'n
  9. Ask me no more
  • Six Irish Folksongs, Op. 78
  1. Oh! breathe not his name
  2. What the bee is to the flow'ret
  3. At the mid hour of night
  4. The Sword of Erin
  5. It is not the tear
  6. Oh the sight entrancing
  • 4 Part-Songs, for Male Voices TTBB, Op. 106
  1. Autumn Leaves
  2. Love's Folly
  3. To his flocks
  4. Fair Phyllis
  • 4 Part-Songs, for SATB (also for SSAA) Op. 110
  1. Valentine's Day
  2. Dirge
  3. The Fairies
  4. Heraclitus
  • 3 Part-Songs, for SATB Op. 111
  1. A Lover's Ditty
  2. The Praise of Spring
  3. The Patient Lover
  • 8 partsongs, Op. 119
  1. The Witch
  2. Farewell, my joy
  3. The Blue Bird
  4. The Train
  5. The Inkbottle
  6. The Swallow
  7. Chillingham
  8. My heart in thine


  • Songs of the Fleet, Op. 117
  1. Sailing at Dawn
  2. The Song Of the Sou' Wester
  3. The Middle Watch
  4. The Little Admiral
  5. Fare Well

Works with solo voice

  • 3 songs of Robert Bridges, Op. 43 (1891)
  1. Since thou, O fondest
  2. I praise the tender flower
  3. Say, O say! saith the music
  • Songs of the Sea, Op. 91; version for Baritone solo and male chorus
  1. Drake's Drum
  2. Outward bound
  3. Devon, O Devon, in wind and rain
  4. Homeward bound
  5. The Old Superb
  • Six Bible Songs, Op. 113; for solo voice and organ
  1. A Song of Freedom
  2. A Song of Trust
  3. A Song of Hope
  4. A song of peace
  5. A song of battle
  6. A song of wisdom

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