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Born: 6 January 1835 (Old Style)

Died: 13 March 1918


César Antonovich Cui (Russian: Цезарь Антонович Кюи, Tsezar' Antonovič Kjui) was a Russian of French and Lithuanian descent. His profession was as an army officer and a teacher of fortifications; his avocational life has particular significance in the history of music, in that he was a composer and music critic; in this sideline he is known as a member of The Five, the group of Russian composers under the leadership of Mily Balakirev dedicated to the production of a specifically Russian brand of music. He held copious avocations in music: composition and journalism, and was the composer of 15 operas, orchestral music, choral music (mostly secular, some sacred), chamber music, piano music and hundreds of art songs.

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List of choral works at CPDL

Sacred music

Secular music


List of all known choral works

Sacred Choral

  • Ave Maria, Op. 34, for 1-2 women's voices with piano or harmonium (1886)
  • Three Psalms, op. 80, for mixed voices (1910)
  • Song of the Most Holy Theotokos [Песнь Пресвятыя Богородицы = Pesn' presvjatyja bogorodicy] (i.e. the Russian Orthodox Magnificat), op. 93, for soprano solo and mixed voices (1914)

Secular Choral and Part-Songs

  • Two Choruses to Words by Pushkin, Op. 4, for mixed voices with orchestra (1860)
  • Мистический хор (Misticheskii Khor), Op. 6, for women's voices and orchestra or piano, text from Dante's Purgatorio (1871)
  • Seven Choruses, Op. 28, for mixed voices (1885)
  • Les oiseaux d'Argenteau," for children's voices (1887)
  • Five Choruses, Op. 46, for mixed voices (1893)
  • Six Choruses, Op. 53, for mixed voices (1895)
  • Seven Little Duet-Choruses, Op. 101, for children's or women's voices, (1899) (not published)
  • Zwei Lieder, Op. 58, for men's voices (1901)
  • Seven Vocal Quartets, Op. 59, for mixed voices (1901)
  1. Воды (Water)
  2. Ризой бледно-голубою (Pale blue robe)
  3. Сокрытая красота (Beauty Concealed)
  4. Я жал (I regretted)
  5. Васильки на полях (Cornflowers in the Fields)
  6. Зой (Echo)
  7. Неурожай («Над полями ходит»)
  • Six Choruses, Op. 63, for mixed voices (1903)
  • Seven Little Choruses on texts by Belousov, Op. 77 (1908)
  • Thirteen Choruses, Op. 85, for women's and children's voices with piano (1911)
  • Nine Vocal Quartets for men's voices, Op. 88 (1911-1912).
  • March of the Russian Falcons [Марш русских соколов = Marsh russkikh sokolov, for mixed voices with piano (1912)
  • Cantata in Commemoration of the Three-Hundredth Anniversary of the Reign of the House of the Romanovs, 1613-1913, Op. 89, for mixed voices with orchestra or piano (1913)
  • Your Poetic Art [Твой стих = Tvoj stikh], Cantata in Memory of M.Yu. Lermontov, Op. 96, for mixed voices with orchestra or piano (1914)
  • They're Marching ["Идут" = "Idut"], for men's voices (1914)

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