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Born: (16 march 1955 -)


Atie Bernet-Blom (born: Blom) is a Dutch female composer and church-musician and choral conductor. She composed about 150 individual works, mostla in the area of church-music and gospelsongs (in Dutch, English and Swedish). In the year 2000 she married Frans Bernet, a Dutch pianist and since 2008 they live in Sweden, in Hällefors.

Born in the city of Hoorn in Holland. Her family were also church-musicians and played in church or conducted a choir in the roman-catholic church. She studied at the Music- Pedagogical Academy for music- school-teacher and later on started to conduct choirs and specialized in teaching piano and keyboard in her own private music-school at home. In the year 2000 she married Frans Bernet and started composing more seriously. With her note-printing-program it was also easy to start selling her own works in the private area. Later on compositions were sold in countries as Spain, Germany and Sweden.


  • Gospelsongs: most of her works in Dutch, English and Swedish
  • Organ pieces: meant for use in church
  • Christmas/Easter-pieces for choir and organ
  • Instrumental works: mostly for a solo-instrument and piano/organ/keyboard

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