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Born: 28 July 1977


Angelo Maria TROVATO

Organist and composer (born in Catania on 28/07/1977 and lives in Acireale), diploma in Organ and Organ Composition at the Musical Institute "Vincenzo Bellini" of Catania under the guidance of Professor Daniele Boccaccio. He began his organ studies under the guidance of Professor Gianluca Libertucci, organist in the Vatican City.

He is church organist at the Parish Church "St. John Apostle and Evangelist" in Acireale.

He is a composer of classical organ, choral, piano, band, orchestral and jazz music. He is a member of the Italian Church Organists as well as the "Jonia" Choir Giarre, Catania.

In 2005 he won the "Prize of the Lutheran Community" related to the second section, liturgical chants, of "Choral Composition Competition" 2005, organized by "the Community Evangelical Lutheran Church in Naples.

In 2006 he won the Jury Prize in the category choral concerts as well as the one of the Lutheran Community, category liturgical chants, of the " Choral Composition Competition 2006” organized by the Lutheran Community of Naples.

In 2010 he was awarded the third prize in the competition for organ composition "Antonio Manoni”.

He has attended various courses taught by great masters such as Luigi Ferdinando Tagliavini (Early Italian Organ Music) and Louis Robilliard (Symphonic-Romantic French Organ Music).

He has held several concerts featuring music from the classical, contemporary repertoire as well as his own compositions.

His music has been published by "Carrara", "Comar 23" and "Va Pensiero" presses.

He is also a writer and poet. He has received several distinctions in fiction and poetry contests. His poems have been collected in anthologies of contemporary Italian poets published by the publishing houses "Il Filo" and "Giulio Perrone Editore".

He has recently published a book of Gothic tales "Gocce di Paura" published by "AltroMondo" .

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List of choral works

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  • IV Toccate per Organo (2006) – Edizioni Carrara
  • Schizzi Blu (2006) Symphonic Band – Edizioni Comar 23, Italy
  • Pensieri (2006) Clarinet solo and Symphonic Band – Edizioni Comar 23, Italy
  • Aquiliana (2006) March – Edizioni Comar 23, Italy
  • Fasi (2006) Brass Sextet – Edizioni Comar 23, Italy
  • Alle Pendici dell’Etna (2009) Organ and Symphonic Band – Edizioni Va’ Pensiero, Italy
  • Acireale (2009) March – Edizioni Va’ Pensiero, Italy
  • Lolita (2009) March – Edizioni Va’ Pensiero, Italy
  • Vento di Passione (2009) Symphonic Band – Edizioni Va’ Pensiero, Italy

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