Andries Magnée

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Born: 30 june 1848

Died: 30 august 1912


Andries Mangée was born in Maastricht, near the Belgium border in the Netherlands. He married Catharina Veul on the 12th of february 1874 she was ten years older then he was and it appears that he moved to Westwoud in northern Holland to be with her. He got a job as a teachers assistant. In 1879 he and his wife moved to Wognum, near Westwoud, to become the village schoolmaster. As schoolmaster he was expected to play the organ in the local church and conduct the church choir. He wrote several pieces for the local church choir, and these pieces are still preformed in and around Wognum. Catharine died in 1911, Andries died one and a half years later in his house on the 'Kerkebuurt'.

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