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39411Edmund Gooch2016-04-252016-04-25The instrumental bass passages shown in small notes in this edition are printed in the source using standard-sized notes, on the bass vocal stave: the marking 'Ins.' is used in the source to indicate these at the start of the piece and in bar 47. In bars 13-14 and 22-23, where the instrumental bass plays and the bass voices remain silent, this is indicated in the source with crotchet rests above or below the instrumental bass notes. The sections shown here as repeated (from bar 13 to bar 33, and from bar 33 to the end) are demarcated in the source by segno markings at the beginning and double bar lines at the end. The pairs of notes in the soprano part on beats 1 and 2 of bar 4 (A and G{{Sharp}}) and bar 8 (C and B), shown here as pairs of crotchets, are both printed in the source with the first note as a small quaver grace note and the second note as a full-sized minim. The cautionary natural in the bass part on beat 3 of bar 40 is editorial: this note appears without any accidental in the source.129642My soul truly waiteth still upon God (William Bennett)My soul truly waiteth still upon GodWilliam Bennett2018-03-09 21:34:35

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