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37919Edmund Gooch2015-12-202015-12-20The order of staves in the source is Tenor - [Alto] - Air - [Bass], with the alto part printed in the treble clef an octave above sounding pitch. Only the first verse of text is given in the source: the subsequent verses given in [[John Rippon]]'s ''Selection of Hymns from the Best Authors'' have here been added editorially. These omit Isaac Watts' original verse 3, beginning 'I'd say, "How flesh and sense rebel"'. The last note is printed in the source as a semibreve in all parts, followed directly by a repeat mark: the first time bar has here been added editorially to accommodate the repeat back to part-way through bar 8.122390O that I knew the secret place (Harborough) (Thomas Clark)O that I knew the secret place (Harborough)Thomas Clark2018-03-10 01:35:53

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37919.1ClarT-OThatIKnew-Harborough.pdf37919internalscorescorepdf{{Pdf}}50Public DomainA422017-02-28 00:56:25
37919.2ClarT-OThatIKnew-Harborough.mid37919internalsoundsoundmid{{Mid}}2018-12-15 07:12:41
37919.3ClarT-OThatIKnew-Harborough.mxl37919internalsourcesourceMusic XML{{XML}}2018-12-15 07:12:41
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