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37608Edmund Gooch2015-11-202015-11-20The order of staves in the source is Tenor - [Alto] - Air - [Bass], with the alto part printed in the treble clef an octave above sounding pitch. Only the first verse of text is given in the source: subsequent verses have here been added editorially. The first time bar at the end of this setting has been added editorially. The last note is printed in the source as a semibreve in all parts (as shown here in the second time bar), followed by a repeat mark: this last note has been shortened to a minim in the first time bar to accommodate the repeat back to part-way through bar 7.121359O for a shout of sacred joy (Thomas Clark)O for a shout of sacred joyThomas Clark2022-03-18 01:13:03

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37608.4ClarT-OForAShout.sib37608internalsourcesource2Sibelius{{Sib}}(Sibelius 7)2022-03-18 01:13:03
37608.3ClarT-OForAShout.mxl37608internalsourcesourceMusic XML{{XML}} 2022-03-18 01:13:03
37608.2ClarT-OForAShout.mid37608internalsoundsoundmid{{Mid}} 2022-03-18 01:13:03
37608.1ClarT-OForAShout.pdf37608internalscorescorepdf{{Pdf}} 49Public DomainA422022-03-18 01:13:03