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33078Edmund Gooch2014-10-05The order of staves in the source is Tenor - [Alto] - Air - [Bass], with the alto part printed in the treble clef an octave above sounding pitch. Only the first verse of text is given in the source: three selected subsequent verses have here been added editorially. The soprano D and alto F on beat 1 of bar 5 and the soprano F and tenor D on beat 1 of bar 13 are given as small grace notes in the source: these have been expanded editorially, with their respective time values taken in each case from the following note to which they are slurred.103987Behold the path that mortals tread (Thomas Clark)Behold the path that mortals treadThomas Clark2018-03-10 00:15:02

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33078.1ClarT-BeholdThePath.pdf33078internalscorescorepdf{{Pdf}}52Public DomainA422017-02-27 23:24:08
33078.2ClarT-BeholdThePath.mid33078internalsoundsoundmid{{Mid}}2018-12-14 21:00:18
33078.3ClarT-BeholdThePath.mxl33078internalsourcesourceMusic XML{{XML}}2018-12-14 21:00:18
33078.4ClarT-BeholdThePath.sib33078internalsourcesource2Sibelius{{Sib}}Sibelius 72018-12-14 21:00:18