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32750Edmund Gooch2014-08-22Original order of staves is Tenor - Alto - Air - Bass, with the Alto part printed in the treble clef an octave above sounding pitch. The figuring on the bass C{{Sharp}} on beat 2 of bar 3, given here as '6', is printed as '7' in the source. Only the text of verse 1 and the chorus is given by Massey: verses 2-4 have here been added using the text from [[John Broderip]]'s {{NoComp|A Second Book of New Anthems and Psalm Tunes|John Broderip}} [1749], which appears to be the first setting of a version of this text to use the 3-line chorus which is present in Massey's setting.102800Arise and hail the sacred day (John Massey)Arise and hail the sacred dayJohn Massey2018-03-10 00:10:05

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32750.1MassJ-AriseAndHail.pdf32750internalscorescorepdf{{Pdf}}74Public DomainA422017-02-27 23:17:47
32750.2MassJ-AriseAndHail.mid32750internalsoundsoundmid{{Mid}}2018-12-16 05:53:33
32750.3MassJ-AriseAndHail.mxl32750internalsourcesourceMusic XML{{XML}}2018-12-16 05:53:33
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