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32376Edmund Gooch2014-07-012014-07-01The order of parts in the source is Tenor - [Alto] - Air - [Bass], with both the Tenor and Alto parts printed in the treble clef an octave above sounding pitch. Only the first verse of the text is given in the source: subsequent verses have here been added editorially. The first time bar (with the shortening of the last note in it to a crotchet in order accommodate the repeat) has been added editorially. The repeat is shown in the source, with the last note of the piece given as a minim (as in the second time bar here), followed by a repeat back to the last quaver of bar 4.101334Now to the Lord a noble song (Ramsgate) (Thomas Clark)Now to the Lord a noble song (Ramsgate)Thomas Clark2020-08-03 12:00:56

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32376.1ClarT-NowToTheLord-Ramsgate.pdf32376internalscorescorepdf{{Pdf}}58Public DomainA422017-02-27 18:10:31
32376.2ClarT-NowToTheLord-Ramsgate.mid32376internalsoundsoundmid{{Mid}}2018-12-14 16:20:54
32376.3ClarT-NowToTheLord-Ramsgate.mxl32376internalsourcesourceMusic XML{{XML}}2018-12-14 16:20:54
32376.4ClarT-NowToTheLord-Ramsgate.sib32376internalsourcesource2Sibelius{{Sib}}Sibelius 72018-12-14 16:20:54