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27151Kurt Pages2012-09-122012-09-12Transposition of CPDL #02831 a whole tone higher (equivalent to the pitch of Orlando di Lasso's time); altus part in treble clef; with bar numbers and title page. Revised (3 corrections) according to the new work edition "Orlando di Lasso: Sämtliche Werke, Neue Folge, Vol. 26, Die sieben Bußpsalmen mit der Motette Laudes Domini. - Kassel (et al.), 1995. - p. 173-185": 1) interchange of the two tenor parts: tenor 1 is "quinta vox" (tenor 2), tenor 2 is "tenor" (tenor 1) 2) bar 97, quinta vox, 2nd note "C" (not "C{{sharp}}") 3) addition of missing bar 110.4677De profundis (Orlando di Lasso)De profundisOrlando di Lasso2022-08-30 18:28:42

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