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26024Edmund Gooch2012-04-252012-04-25Original order of staves is Counter - Tenor - Treble - Bass: the counter part is notated in the source in the treble clef, an octave above sounding pitch. The vocal bass part is figured in the source: this figuring has been omitted from the present edition. The first verse only of the text is given in the source: subsequent verses have been added editorially, on the basis of the title 'Psalm 40 Verses 1 5 6 7/8' in the source. Notes printed as small grace notes in the source have been editorially written out in full.76172I waited meekly for the Lord (Stephen Jarvis)I waited meekly for the LordStephen Jarvis2020-08-01 15:06:05

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26024.1JarvS-IWaited.pdf26024internalscorescorepdf{{Pdf}}49Public DomainA422017-02-27 15:26:36
26024.2JarvS-IWaited.mid26024internalsoundsoundmid{{Mid}}2018-12-18 01:57:42
26024.3JarvS-IWaited.mxl26024internalsourcesourceMusic XML{{XML}}2018-12-18 01:57:42
26024.4JarvS-IWaited.sib26024internalsourcesource2Sibelius{{Sib}}Sibelius 72018-12-18 01:57:42